Fridays of Yore

I work in an office full of women. One of those women, T has a daughter, J who is 18. She works at a popular place to eat buffalo wings. You could say that those wings are wild.
Fine, she works at Buffalo Wild Wings. This particular BW3 is located downtown, which is a popular area to patronize on the weekends.

By the way, why the hell is it called BW3? The title of the restaurant only has two W’s. Can anyone shed some light on this?

While ya’ll research that for me I’m gonna go ahead with my post. So T asked her daughter J, who stopped by the office, when she had to go in to work. J replied, “5:00”. All of a sudden, I was swept back about 6 years to when I used to wait tables at Chili’s. I remembered how my job wouldn’t start ’till the early evening and how I would be there until 1-2 in the morning. I vividly remembered the dinner rushes, slinging the drinks, carrying trays of food to tables. And then I suddenly realized that it was Friday night and it hit me:

Friday nights don’t really exist in my world any more. I mean obviously, they do. Fridays didn’t just poof out of existence when I became a mom but in the sense that they used to be for me, they really did. Every other weekend, my husband works Friday-Sunday so our weekend evenings are usually spent at home. On his weekends off we will sometimes go out but it’s in a very different sense now. Everything we do is Nellie-centered. Will it be too loud? Too hot? Too cold? Will she be over-stimulated? Has she slept enough, or will she get cranky halfway through the activity and we’ll have to scurry home?

We used to go out every weekend. Every. Single. Weekend. Dinner, movie, drinks at my brother-in-law’s house. Sometimes, we would go out Friday night AND Saturday night. Don’t get me wrong, we still do go out and do things. It’s just that the Friday nights that I’ve known my entire adult life don’t exist in my world anymore. They’re new, they’re different, and my old Fridays feel like they were lived by a different person in a different life.

Sometimes I feel as though I’m on another planet; when I see teenagers laughing at the mall or a group of single women strutting confidently down the street and heading into a bar I feel so detached from these people it’s ridiculous. I feel as though I’m a scientist observing some wild and exotic species that’s a mystery to mankind.

I’m not saying that I am sad to lose my old Fridays.. It’s just that sometimes, I am still taken aback at the surreality of being a mom. How much these little people change every single aspect of your life.

Not bad. Just different.

P.S. Did anyone figure out why BW3 is called BW3? It’s gonna drive me insane now. Sigh.


  1. when the first Buffalo Wild Wings opened in 1982, the original name was Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck – thus the BW-3.

    I asked a waitress who asked her manager this last month LOL

  2. Oh, I remember my pizza place days. It was basically "work your butt off all weekend and get out really late at night. Too late for most of your friends to want to do anything… hey, wait! Natalie's up! Let's do coffee and Meijer until 4 in the morning!"

  3. LOVE BW3 – but in Baltimore, MD we call it "b-dubs." Not sure why…actually my husband went to Ohio State University and they call it "b-dubs" out there, so that's why WE call it that. Either way, good food. Good times. But you're completely right, Friday nights pretty much don't exist for us anymore, either.

    • @Linsday~ the "dubs" referrs to the W's!! LOL!! I only know this b/c I live in WA and the University of Washington is referred to as "U dub" 😉

      Great post Natalie!!!

  4. I love this post and know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I see P toddling around and Im all like whose kid is this and why arent I up in da club clapping my butt cheeks. Seriously though sometimes it just so strange. Big adjustment but I know I couldnt possibly be happier. This is my favorite post of the week :)
    Veronica recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- I Had Another Baby!

  5. I actually just spoke of this yesterday at work. I asked, "do ya'll ever feel like you've lived two different lives?" The girls I work with are about 10 years younger than me and don't have kids. They were like, "what?" I was like, "yeah, you know all the wild and crazy things you use to do and now you dont, like two different lives." I'm sure they'll get it in about 10 years or so. :)
    Toni @ Carrigan&#039 recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- TN Football!

  6. Great post! So well written! This is so true!! The only place we really ever go is this pizza restaurant because we know Peanut can handle it. I was in bed last night at 10pm because I knew she'd be up between 5:30 and 6am. Definitely different! When I get my morning hugs, though, worth it :)

  7. I completely get what you're saying – I used to look forward to Fridays as a chance to go out, stay up late, etc…

    Nowadays, Fridays merely represent a chance to SLEEP IN ON SATURDAY MORNING – WAHOOOOO!

    Motherhood. It changes everything, eh?
    Sarahviz recently posted..Where Have All the Comments Gone

  8. I know what you mean. Every now and then my husband and I still struggle with the new meaning of Friday night, but mostly we're just happy to put our feet up.

    Happy SITS Day! Enjoy the comment love today.

  9. Yep. After 2 kiddos, I'm pretty much done about 10:00 every night. On the occasions we have a sitter, I'm usually yawning at 11:00.

    I'm visiting from SITSgirls.

  10. Stopping in from SITS to congratulate you on your debut!

    Oh, and also – to say, I’m diggin’ the blog – have subscribed, feel free to parouse mine and do the same!

    As for why BW3 is called BW3…dunno. I think it may have to do with silly ideas on ‘Corporate Franchise Branding?’

    As for the hugemogeous life change, SITSta, I am so there with you! Our littl eguy is 11 mo.’s and we always had a super active social life. We still do, but my-oh-my has it change. I feel the same as you – I don’t miss it perse, just an odd tingling sensation when I see others that remind me of how it used to be.
    Selena Burgess recently posted..Baby Food Made Easy

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