What Would You Say?

If you could go back to right before you had your first child and tell yourself one thing..

What would it be?

I think if I could say just one thing to myself before I had Nellie it would be..

Enjoy every second, because this is going to go faster than you can possibly imagine.

If I could say two things, I think the 2nd thing I’d say is..

It’s okay to feel sad. Or scared. Or helpless. It’s okay to cry.

So.. What would you say?


  1. I was 16 when I had my first, and so my words would have been: "It's gonna be alright, you're gonna make it, and it's gonna be one hell-of-a ride!"

    I think this is extremely important for young/new moms to see this…
    Toni @ Carrigan&#039 recently posted..Cut the Fluff With McFatty Mondays: You On A Diet Continues

  2. I love love love this video and the song they used is awesome, so perfect.
    Essie M recently posted..Day 8

  3. I think I might go practical and say…. "SLEEP!!!!"
    Shell recently posted..And Then He Left Her

  4. I'd say I wish I snagged the dude with 14 fire fingers before your mom did
    Katie recently posted..We Have A Tooth!

  5. I would tell myself to try and relax and not worry so much because if you just worry all the time, you miss out on a lot. Worrying is okay and completely normal but enjoy every second because it goes SO freakin' fast!

  6. I think I'd shake her and say "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SLEEP IN NOW!"

    I'd also remind me to ask for help. People are willing to give it but you gotta ask.
    Laura @ Things I Sai recently posted..When Mommy Needs a Mommy

  7. I agree with both! And it really does go so fast!!
    Kelly recently posted..Because youre worth it

  8. I thought you'd never ask. Well, this is more than one thing, but this is what I said:

  9. I'd tell myself that they never magically learn to go to sleep on their own and letting her cry it out does not mean I'm abandoning her.

  10. I love this. I'd definitely either say, "Go back to bed!!! Sleep every second you can!", or "yes, it's cliche, but it's going to go so fast, and while the bad phases will pass quickly, so will the good, so enjoy every second!"
    B recently posted..Wordless Wednesday Cheeseball/Flower Butt.

  11. I'd say prepare yourself to be amazed every. single. day! Although I suppose you can never be prepared for how truly amazing children are!
    brown-eyed-girl recently posted..And in totally unrelated news A pledge

  12. i would tell myself you dont have to be superwoman, let other people help

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