Christmas Flash Mob

This? Coolest. Thing. Ever. This gave me goosebumps. Just once in my lifetime, I would like to be a witness to a flashmob.


  1. That was SO awesome! I would love to see a flash mob too!

    Although the woman who started it all never stopped holding her phone to her ear. That was weird.
    The_BMG recently posted..Thankful

  2. HA! I saw this same thing on the Today's show a few months ago. So funny!
    Selena recently posted..Turkey day 2010

  3. Look up flash mob in your city…I found one where we live and it's a small town.
    Stephanie recently posted..FML!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. that is so so so awesome!!! nat you should start one yourself in your town 😉

  5. You know there was at least one person in that group who WASN'T involved and thought, "I'm a singer! I'll get up and sing with them!" and stood up and tried to look natural.

    I LOVE, LOVE your holiday makeover!! Oh my goodness, isn't Christmas the best??!!
    Liza@Blahggy recently posted..Useful Tips for Parents- Vacationing with Wee Ones

  6. Omg that was so awesome I was totally crying! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. That was awesome!!!
    jessica@FromMarriage recently posted..Home Tour- Dining Room

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