Hands-down one of the funniest things I have ever seen. My favorite part is where the woman is talking about the goldfish crackers and the nutso mom says, “Those would make my children want to vomit.” and “I have never left my children. Ever.” and the part where they debate about vaccinations?


How many moms have you run across like blonde mom??!!


  1. I think all moms have their blond mom moments AND their tennis playing mom moments. I've certainly been on both sides of that fence, lol.
    Rebekah C recently posted..30 DOP- Day 15- Where Have You Been

  2. I love mompetition! She makes me laugh. I have to say sometimes I can see myself as the blond, but for the most part I hope I'm the tennis player!

  3. blonde moments? too many to count. and I looove your new holiday looK!!! 😀
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  4. Christmas Mommy Boots is really cute!
    Candice recently posted..relatively likable baby names

  5. Love it! Holy Sh** Do you know how disease works?!

  6. hahaha that's hilarious (and love the new look!)

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