Plague Free Playtime {Photo Post}

The Plague has finally left our household. To celebrate, we had a fun-filled day of (slightly less energetic than usual) play, ending with some time at the park. I had some fun editing our photos with Picnik; I am by no means a photographer but I did have fun playing with the effects! Enjoy the pics.

Having fun & feelin' fine!

A sweet hug

Mischief Incarnate

The Only Girl in the World {to us}

Snacktime {mmmmm. grass}


We all agree, it sure is nice to be feeling well again.


  1. awww, she's adorable! It's so sad when our kids are sick and not acting like themselves, glad she's better.

  2. I'll bet! I just read your account of your trip to Olive Garden. Even more fun than my trip to the Golden Coral yesterday.

  3. Jessica D Torres says:

    What great pictures. Good to see everyone feeling well again.

  4. Yay! Glad y'all are feeling better – she looks precious!

  5. I especially love the slide pictures and the daddy hug picture, but mostly I love that everyone is feeling better.

  6. So glad to hear the Plague Monster has left the building! I love her crazy hair!

  7. awww, she's too cute, i just want to squeeze her!

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