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I admit it. We’re a TV family. I like watching TV, Josh likes watching TV, and yes. We let Nellie watch TV, too. Not just occasionally, or as a treat, but every day. She watches PBS every morning and you know what? I’m fine with it. She enjoys it, I’m okay with what she’s watching because for the most part, the shows she watches have some educational value. For instance, one of her very favorites to watch are these kiddos:

That’s Super Why & the Super Readers for those of you who either don’t have kids, or have them and aren’t a TV family. I enjoy Super Why because it involves problem-solving, reading, letters, and teaches lessons like “try new things” and “share your stuff”.

I’m not a huge fan of mindless children’s shows, so I appreciate the cleverness of these two shows:

I think that the theme song to Dinosaur Train is really fun and clever, and so is the one for Martha Speaks. Martha also teaches words, which I love.

I of course love Sesame Street, because who doesn’t like to see Neil Patrick Harris singing & dancing while he sings about shoes? And the True Blood spoof: True Mud? Hilarious!
I don’t love all the shows Nellie loves. There are a few that mystify me:

Your mother will not mind at all if you do. WTF, Creeper?!

Cat in the Hat’s a little wacky & kind of creepy to me. His laugh kind of gives me the heebie jeebies, and every time he says “flick the jiggermawhizzer” I’m like ………………………

Then there are the cartoons that I just downright HATE. The voice, the repetitive songs, HIS HAIR… I’m talking, of course, about:


I don’t know what it is about Sid the Science Kid, but my child loves him. As much as I hate him & his stupid little songs, Nellie loves him. She grins and claps and dances when he comes on and I’m left groaning and wishing for ear plugs or a beer. Or both.

Like I said, we’re a TV family and I don’t see anything wrong with it. We still interact with her, watch the shows with her, and read to her. She loves her books. She can just sit and play with a book for 20 minutes. But she also enjoys her “baby stories” and I like to watch her enjoy them because she’s adorable sitting there in her PJs and drinking her milk.

What about you? What’s your take on children and TV? If you’re TV-watchers, what are your kids’ favorites? Do you share my loathing for Sid the Science Kid?

P.S. Bonus “cool” points & and imaginary cookie to anyone who identifies what my blog title is from.


  1. Oh Oh! Me me! "Come family, sit in the snow with daddy and let us all bask in TV's warm glowing warming glow." or something like that…Yes?

  2. We also watch tv pretty much every day too. Addison loves loves loves Yo Gabba Gabba, it is pretty cute (and wacky too) and man does she just love it. We also love Super Why and I actually like sid the science kid (i'm looking for my friends, I'm looking for you) I know you probably just gave my comment the stank eye but that is okay! I think I love dinosaur train more than she does and for some reason I really can't stand Martha Speaks. I agree with you on cat in the hat knows a lot about that not a big fan.

  3. Little Man just recently discovered Super Why and was asking for it this weekend. I had NO IDEA what he was asking for and Mike had to fill me in, LOL. It's on Netflix streaming!

  4. We don't watch TV. We don't have cable, not even basic.. so it isn't an option.. and to be honest, we have no desire for it. Growing up, my family was a major TV family and I don't really think it hurt me. I am a bookworm, I am active, I have critical thinking skills… my social skills suck but I think I was doomed in that respect regardless of our television consumption. It just isn't really something we care about. Obviously, Ryan loves movies and that is something he will want to share with Liam.. and Liam already watches DVDs on occasion.. but that's about it.

  5. Jessica D Torres says:

    I let my toddler watch Sesame Street sometimes in the mornings when I have a lot to do, it is the only thing that will keep her occupied for a half hour that doesn't involve me. I hate Sid the Science guy, he is annoying. Quote: The Simpsons

  6. My daughter is well past the small age as Nellie, but when she was little, I let her watch TV. I think there is nothing wrong with it, as long as it is the right shows and something educational!! She never like Sesame Street, much to my dislike, but loved the Veggie Tales, ….honestly right now I can't think of anything that she watched that was educational. LOL.. she adored the Rugrats… but, she's good. I also read to her a lot, and I read things even that other people thought were too "deep" for her. She got To Kill a Mockingbird at 5 years old, and contrary to what everyone was telling me, she grasp the major lessons quite well…. we also enjoyed music together, with dancing and such…

    Shes a great teenager now and doesn't seem to have suffered from any brain softening or anything.

  7. We’re a major tv family. It’s on all day even as background noise. Austin loves Elmo. He really started getting his explosive vocabulary after watching Baby Einstein’s signing dvd. Instead of signing he started repeating every word. My mom worked nights and at age 2 I knew how to rewind Rainbow Brite and watch it on the couch bed while she tried to get some sleep. And look how fabulous I turned out!
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  8. ah, I kinda like Sid the Science Kid, and it's SuperWhy that I don't like. 😛 The kids get on my nerves a bit. But I do agree with you about Martha Speaks and The Cat in the Hat. Martha Speaks is a damn clever show. As for The Cat…he's subversive in the books, but more than a little creepy on the screen…

    Sesame Street is our all time fav, when Story was younger, we'd record it on the DVR and her and her daddy would watch it in the evenings while I cooked dinner. Sesame Street rocks! (and, yes, NPH as the Fairy Shoe Person is a classic! love, love, love it!)

    Scooby Doo has eclipsed Sesame Street in our house, but with Sage we'll be back to Sesame Street again before too much longer. I can't wait!

  9. My son LOVES DInasuar Train!!!!! And I love when he watches it! that 30 minutes is the best time of the day besides nap time!

  10. People who says they NEVER let their kids what tv are complete and total liars. Or insane. My son has the attention span of a gnat but he loves the first 5 minutes of Sesame Street. I squealed with joy over the NPH as the Shoe Fairy. And Will Arnett as Max the Magician. Love it!

    Abby's Flying Fairy school makes me a little insane.

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