Stop: Glitter Time {2011 Competition}

If you’re new to Mommy Boots, you may not have read any posts about one of my passions: singing. Specifically singing a capella barbershop harmony. I sing with a local chapter of the Sweet Adelines International and I’m also a member of a barbershop quartet called Route 41.

Tonight kicks off the beginning of Region 23 (the region that my chorus is in)’s competition weekend! The Young Women in Harmony quartet competition starts tonight. My quartet was asked to be microphone testers, which we are so excited about! Tomorrow night is the quartet competition and I cannot wait to sit and watch the competing quartets. We’ve been running around town the last week promoting the contest with TV appearances (if you’re feeling ambitious and want to see us on TV, check out this clip. You will have to let it load, and then fast-forward to the 48:00 mark to get to the point where my quartet sings) and radio spots. Last year, Route 41 sang for evaluation only. We decided not to sing for eval or compete this year, so I will get to relax and enjoy where last year I was a bundle of nerves!

Saturday is the big day. On Saturday, my chorus takes the stage to compete against all of the other choruses in the region (which I believe is about 14)! We’ve taken third place overall the past three years and we are pumped and excited to sing our hearts out this year. We’ve been working really hard and I just cannot wait to show everyone what we are made of.

I will not be around online at all this weekend. I’ll be surrounded by Sweet Adelines, soaking in the harmony and excitement of the weekend and generally geeking out. I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend! I know I’m going to!!!




  1. Good luck this weekend! I feel lost w/o my group. I just had my daughter 2/17 and went back to sing a week later. Crazy, I know. We are getting ready for our competition in May. I am their choreographer, so I needed to get back to help them out. This is also helping me get through postpartum lol…best outlet ever!

  2. Good luck!!
    c recently posted..31 week check-up check-in

  3. We are singing "If I had my life to Live over" and "Fit as a Fiddle"…How about you? What are you singing?

  4. What exciting news! Thats huge! Congratulations to you and your fellow singers : )


  5. Good luck!! LOVE YOU!

  6. Baby Dickey says:

    Good luck!!! (I know you're already done, lol, but I hope it went well!!!)

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