Ultimate Blog Party 2011 :: Fashionably Late?

The 2011 Ultimate Blog Party started yesterday and normally I am notoriously on time for everything ever. But I decided to be fashionably late to the UPB this year.

Last year was my first UBP, so naturally.. This is my 2nd. Welcome!

I’m Natalie, and I’m mama to (nearly) 15 month old Nellie Rose. This is mama and Nellie:

I’ve been married to my husband Josh for almost 6 years. This is daddy and Nellie:

A sweet hug

And that is my family. Sometimes, I look like this:

No, I am not a prostitute. I am a Sweet Adeline, which means that I sing in a 4-part a capella barbershop harmony chorus. We just had our regional competition last weekend, hence the stage makeup and glitter. Music is a part of my soul, and being a Sweet Adeline is a huge part of who I am!

I love movies, love to write and I have a really random sense of humor. I am a full-time working mom which isn’t always easy considering Josh and I share a car. My blog used to be called Hope Springs Eternal. I began blogging in early 2008 after losing our first baby to miscarriage at around 7 weeks. We struggled for 10 cycles and nearly a year to conceive our Nellie Rose and once I became a mom, a change of blogging identity was required. That’s when Mommy Boots was born.

Here are a few of my most recent favorite blog posts and ones that show the variety of topics that I write about. Be forewarned, I swear on my blog so if you don’t like a lot of cussing you may want to just stop at this post.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope to see you again!



  1. I love hearing about how and why blogger's got started. Always so interesting.
    And your daughter has a serious case of cute!!

  2. Hi Natalie – stopping by from UBP11 and you have such a neat blog! I am so impressed about your Sweet Adeline involvement – sounds like a lot of fun! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I agree with Katie-seriously a little cutie!!

    stopping by from the party :)

  4. Hi Natalie!! I love your blog already :) I can't wait to peruse the list of posts you put up… they sound fun :) Nice to "meet" you!!

  5. Happy UBP! Nellie is such a cutie, such lovely curly hair! Thanks for stopping by at my little blog, I've never read the Hunger Games so will have to look them out!

  6. Alisha Jaybird says:

    Stopping by from the UBP!! Happy 2nd party! last year was my first, too. Have already decided to follow you due to you seem to say what-the-heck you want and this is a trait I need to pick up. Learn me by osmosis!

  7. Great pictures especially you all dolled up! Glad you cleared it up for us on you not being a street walker, lol!


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And so happy you now have your little girl! I'm loving UBP!

  9. I knew I'd have to like you, because my daughter's middle name is Natalie. Speaking of daughter's yours is so cute! So nice to meet you through the UBP!

  10. A prostitute, hahaha. I remember when you were hope springs eternal back in the day and karmapearl on twitter! :)

  11. Veronica says:

    prostitute eh? how much for massage with happy ending?

  12. Bwahahah! Nice to meet you. Thanks for the clarification re: the make-up. 😉

    I used the same "title" for my UBP post, so I was drawn to yours.

    Haven't checked your links yet but pretty sure I'm going to love them. Nice to meetcha!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I found you on the UBP 2011 and wanted to say HI, I'm a new follower too. I can't wait to read more cuz your blog intrigues me!

  14. I love how your blog went from Hope Springs Eternal to the very frank, poignant name it has now! I don’t think I would have clicked your linky were it the former name (no offense!).

    I’m here via the UBP. Glad I found your blog among the thousands listed there! I hope you’ll take the time to hop over to my little blog too. It’s my blog’s 1st birthday, and having new mom friends would be just peachy. 😉

    Have a great Friday!

    http://daintymom.blogspot.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dainty-Mom/15691098
    Martine | Dainty Mom recently posted..For Kids- Make Believe Productions Summer Programs

  15. Stopping in from UBP!

    Loved reading your post and the Hobby Lobby title cracked me up. It gets better, I promise, my 8 year old and I went craft shopping at Joann's tonight and had a lovely time, although I still get cranky in Walmart. ;o)

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