Flip Flop Wine Review: Pinot Grigio

Welcome to the first of three reviews on Mommy Boots sponsored by flipflop wines! Yes, readers, I wrote to Stephen asking if flipflop wines would like to sponsor a review and he said yes! Not only did he said yes, but he essentially said yes three times. And I was really excited, because let’s face it: Mamas need wine.

Flip Flop Wines and Soles4Souls

One of the things I love most about flipflop wines is their partnership with Soles4Souls. Did you know that there are over 300 million children in this world without shoes? When was the last time you appreciated the fact that you have shoes to wear? Shoes are necessary for comfort, and they also help protect our feet against the spread of parasitic diseases. In third-world countries where they don’t even have the luxury of clean drinking water, protection against those types of diseases is imperative.  For every bottle of wine sold, flipflop wines donates one pair of shoes to the organization. Buy a bottle, enjoy a great wine and help a child in need get a pair of shoes. I will drink to that! Learn more about the origin/founder of flipflop wines here.

About the Wine

I’m not a wine expert and I’m not real savvy on the different names and corresponding flavors. I know I like something not too dry, not too sweet, and I prefer white. I have the tendency to choose my wine based on two things: a reasonable price, and a cute label.

The first wine I tried, the Pinot Grigio, definitely had the cute label down. See?

Totally something I would go for while browsing the shelves of the liquor store. I love the fun vibe the label has; the peace sign, the flip flops, everything about it is eye-catching and appealing. For a wine novice like me using the super-sophisticated method of picking my beverage based on label, this makes it super easy on me. I still wasn’t sure what taste the Pinot Grigio would have but luckily, Stephen sent along a sheet to help me know what to expect. If you’re like me, these specs come in handy:

Vintage: 2010
Appellation: California (I’ve never heard that word before, but luckily I’m amazing at context and I figured it out)
Tastes like: Light bodied, refreshing Pinot Grigio with tropical citrus, ripe pear and a zesty, clean finish.
It is full of: Balanced crisp acidity
Eat with: Bruschetta, spaghetti carbonara or eggplant parmesan (now.. I’m hungry.)
Serve: Chilled (this was way helpful, because I never know at what temperature to drink my wine!)
Store: Away from direct sunlight (for me, it was on top of my fridge.)

It also has a diagram on a scale of Dry to Sweet to show where the flavor will fall. The Pinot Grigio falls between Medium Dry and Medium Sweet. Perfect! The hardest part about drinking it chilled was putting it in my fridge and waiting for it to get cold. Patience is not a virtue of mine.  The Pinot’s flavor was true to what it says it is: it was crisp, not too dry but not so sweet it hurts your teeth. It was light, fresh, and easy to sip on. Some wines are too rich and give me a stomach ache but this one was just right. I didn’t try and pair it with any of the foods (again, wine newbie.. Taking it slow!) but by itself it was absolutely delicious. I love sipping on a glass of wine when I’m cooking, or reading, or blogging, or watching T.V., or texting or…. You know.. Breathing. 😉

The Pinot Grigio retails for $7.00/bottle or $84.00/case. That is an amazing price for such a great wine! How can you beat it? Not only is it a great price but you know that when you buy a bottle (or a case) you are helping to contribute to people in need!

The teensy print:
I was supplied a bottle of flipflop wines Pinot Grigio to review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% honest and 100% my own. This wine was tasty and delicious, and you should go buy some right now.




  1. Good to know! I usually drink Pinot Grigio in the summer when it’s blazing hot and always looking for a good one to keep around.
    There is ALWAYS a bottle of something in my fridge! :)

  2. I like SWEET! I’ll have to go look for one with the little diagram that says super sweet hehehe
    Katie recently posted..Our Week In iPhone Pics


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