When Internetz Meets Real Life.

I’ve come to realize that there are a few different ways people view the internet nowadays. For some, it’s scary and almost a thing of myth. For others it’s confusing and frustrating. There are folks who know it exist, use it to check their “Facepages” and “Tweeters” but only about once a week. And then there are people like me, who pretty much breathe Internet.

Sometimes, my Internet world and the world of those oblivious to all of the wonders the web holds collide. Tonight was one of those nights.

We were walking downtown and veered into an ice cream shop. As we were waiting in line, I noticed a skinny teenage girl looking at me with her head tilted slightly. I blinked at her and she laughed.
“I was trying to read your t-shirt.”
“Oh,” I said with a chuckle.
Awkward silence.
“….What does it say?” she prompted.
Way to go, slick. Social skills. I has them.

Now, the t-shirt in question is a gray shirt with the words “HONEY BADGER DON’T CARE” on it, and a picture of a fierce-ass honey badger. I love it and wear it at least once a week, because I’m fucking awesome.

“Oh…” I began. “It says, ‘honey badger don’t care.'”
She stared at me.
“What does that mean?”
I laughed.
“Oh! It’s this really funny video… Thing… On.. the…….. Internet….. It’s.. Um.. Funny.. On YouTube.”
She was like: *blank stare*
“Oh…” she trailed off, looking confused.


I realized then that unlike myself, some people do not enjoy spending their free time on blogs, Facebook, and YouTube looking up Auto-Tuned newscasts or hilariously narrated videos about vicious wild animals. Some people go outside, play frisbee, hike, and do other things that don’t involve honey badgers and parody commercials. I felt really awkward and dorky for a second, and then I started thinking about how funny honey badger was and decided I didn’t care what the teenage ice cream girl thought of me.

Honey badger and I have two things in common. We’re both mean and like to eat bees, and we both don’t give a shit. Okay so that was three things. Shut up. Here, go watch this brilliant auto-tune video of a crazy lady talking about a robbery.

P.S. If you’ve never seen honey badger, check it out here. It’s not safe for work, or little ears. But it is funny as shit.



  1. I would also like you to get the t-shirt from the Bloggess that says “Knock Knock Motherfucker” and the picture of Beyonce the big metal chicken. That will really make people stare at you.
    Rachel recently posted..Bella and her loud a$$ toys.

  2. Cadogancaedmon says:

    I checked the video out. In all honesty, at first I didn’t know what you’re talking about until I saw it.
    Cadogancaedmon recently posted..First Date Conversations Starters

  3. Yeah but Natalie those other people are LOSERS. Those of us who breathe internet are awesome. HONEY BADGER 4EVA!

    We love honey badger around here. I covet your shirt.
    Kristi Dorson recently posted..HEY Y’ALL (dialect vlog)

  4. A) The fact that you own that shirt makes me LOVE YOU!!

    B) I can totally relate.

    C) Fun fact: I hosted an “unofficial law-school awards banquet” a few months ago for all of my friends (the majority of which just graduated in May). We all threw out ideas beforehand of award titles/ideas and then nominated award recipients, and then (of course) gave out the “awards” at the banquet. One of the awards WAS the honey badger award. My friend was so excited that she won it and went around all night saying, “Honey badger don’t care. Honey badger don’t give a shit.” (BTW, the actual “award” for that title was a bottle of honey with a picture of the honey badger on it.) So yea…. again, I can relate. :)
    Jackie recently posted..No One Tells You About THE MOMMY GUILT….

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