I Can Haz Blog?!

Oh, hi! What’s up? Not much. Um. So, I haven’t been blogging much lately. For one, there was that whole me-going-to-Chicago-with-a-toddler thing. Which, by the way, was so not as terrifying and scary and hard as I thought it’d be. And I also had a blast in Chicago (and Milwaukee). And I’m glad to be home, even though I had a great time. And I will post pictures soon….ish.

So, yeah. I’ve just been kind of trip-detoxing, working my tail off at work and spending time with my husband and wiggly, hilarious toddler. I’ve been kind of on a different planet and blogging hasn’t been at the front of my brain so I apologize for the silence. Soon I’ll blog about the trip to Chicago, my own tips for traveling with a wee one, and a post about feeding bread to ducks with scary red faces and screaming like a little bitch.

Lucky you.



  1. hahaha I hope you have pictures of those ducks.
    Carri recently posted..They Walk Among Us

  2. Yay!

    I get it, about the trip detox. Know what’s absolutely terrible? Coming back from a trip, and then going directly to work the next day.

    In my experience, any and all relaxation is beaten out of me, and the fun-loving wonderful soul I have is sucked out within 10 minutes.

    Detox, hang out, chill. It’s good for you.

    And I’m going to go and schedule an extra day off for myself!

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