Nellie Rose In: Tangled

One of Nellie’s favorite movies is Tangled. She is in love with it. She got a Tangled Barbie doll for her birthday (which is cute and sweet and all, but have you ever had to deal with a foot of gnarly, matted Barbie doll hair? No? Well you haven’t lived, my friend.), has a few little action figures and asks to watch it about every other day.

We recently noticed that she was singing a song from Tangled, and I have tried multiple times to get it on camera to no avail. The other night, however, Nellie was in performance mode and decided to let me film her singing her little princess heart out.

To translate somewhat, Rapunzel sings “I could go running, and racing, and dancing, and chasing. And leaping, and bounding, hair flying, heart pounding. And splashing and reeling, and finally feeling that’s when my life be-giiiiiiiiiins!” and when she sings “begins”, she spins in a circle with her arms outstretched.

Nellie will run up and down our halls singing, “ah-runnin, ah-racin, a-chasin!” and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Watch out Broadway, here comes Nellie!



  1. Oh yeah, we are big Tangled fans over here, too! Darah likes to tell me that her hair glows just like Rapunzel’s. So cute!
    Tiffany recently posted..(Maternity Monday) Luxurious Shampoo and Body Wash: PK Baby

  2. That is ridiculously cute!! Nellie is tooooo precious.
    Mandi recently posted..February Photo-A-Day Challenge

  3. It really IS the cutest thing ever.
    mommy in the midwest recently posted..project 365 (jan 18-25)

  4. A-freaking-MAZING! I love her. This is so awesome. I can’t wait for Audrey to get bigger and do something like this. Also? You are a brave, brave mama to let her finger paint like that without 2,000 yards of plastic on the rest of your house.
    Beth @ Me as a Mommy recently posted..It’s her turn to smash!

  5. A couple of years ago my mom gave The Punkin a mermaid Barbie. For some reason Mattel thought mermaid=12 inches of hair. So this doll had hair that went past her feet (and yes, she did have feet. The fins were part of an outfit and came off.) Since, oh, day 2 of owning this Barbie, her hair has been a tangled, matty mass. Last night we were playing Barbies and The Punkin goes and gets her scissors. When I ask what she is going to do, she says she wants to cut the mermaid Barbie’s hair. I don’t encourage her to cut her dolls’ hair, but I’ve been wanting to hack off this doll’s hair for a long time. So we stood over the trash can together and when her safety scissors wouldn’t cut the mess, I went and got my mommy scissors and did it for her. Like all kid haircuts, by the time it was reasonably even it was much shorter than we intended. But now with her short hair and big star earrings she looks kinda like an ’80s rock star.

  6. What a lovely and artistic kid you have here. And i admire you to let your kid do what she likes. Thanks for sharing this post to us.
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  7. Really cute I wish my mom had allowed me that creative. Hmmh! I wonder how I would have turned out.
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