First, I’d like to spaz and squee a little bit. I got my Mama Kat Writer’s Workshop Prompt in my inbox this Tuesday, and saw my name attached to one of her prompts as inspiration (“What Did You Want Your Name to Be?”). I feel like a rock star. I just had to share that little bit of info, because it’s super exciting to me! I’m not writing my own prompt, but a different one.

Moving right along..

Mama’s Losin’ It

One of my favorite things is performing. I was in a few musicals in high school, was always in choir, and as an adult joined a local Sweet Adelines (women’s a capella barbershop) chorus. I’ve had to stop going to chorus temporarily as my life has gotten crazy, busy, and I just didn’t have the energy to go every week. But I do miss it. I love the thrill of stepping out on stage, the applause of the audience, feeding off their energy.

On Monday, I will be auditioning for a local production of the musical Hair.

I’m really excited. I’m really nervous. I’m a little intimidated and terrified of the rehearsal schedule (if I make the show, of course). 5-6 nights a week, 3 hours a night. Ack! But it’s only for a few weeks, and I know that I am going to absolutely love it if I do make the show. I listen to songs from the musical and imagine myself as one of the characters. I think about what it will be like to get on stage again and participate in musical theater again, and the thought thrills me and gives me butterflies. I’ve wanted to audition for shows at this particular theater before, but they’ve never really done a musical that I was really excited about – until this one. I have always loved the music from this show, I love the time period it is set in, and I’m a little bit of a hippie at heart so once I heard they were putting the show on this summer I knew I had to audition.

Sometimes when I’m driving in my car and a song from Hair comes on, I sing along at the top of my lungs, imagining what it will be like if I make the show. I’d ask for you to wish me good luck, but in theater world that’s bad luck. So…. Wish me a broken leg, if you are so inclined. This time next week, I could be a member of The Tribe.



  1. Good for you, that is very exciting! Break a leg! (Is that still a good thing to say?)
    Kristy @PampersandPinot recently posted..Good Friends Have Good Dirt

  2. I am super-impressed! I loved the one musical I was in during High School but wouldn’t have the guts to try out now. How much fun would that be?? Break a leg!!

  3. Divine Grace says:

    Wow…Congratulations in advance! Good luck for you! Great job for sharing this…
    Divine Grace recently posted..Paignton hotel

  4. Crystall says:

    Congrats for you! Make sure you break a leg! We will wait for the results… I hope you can make it easily…
    Crystall recently posted..Denial of Death

  5. YAY! What a fun production to audition for. :) Best of luck!!!

  6. Fingers are crossed for you!!!
    Tiffany recently posted..I just want to go home.

  7. Does “break both legs” qualify as super good luck? Or is that just mean? 😉

    Looking forward to hearing all about how you made it!
    B recently posted..The Honeymooners.

  8. Break a leg! I loved the one musical I was in during High School but wouldn’t have the guts to try out now.
    Liz recently posted..Hcg diet reviews

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