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So, let me ask you something. When was the last time you saw a commercial for Viagra, or Cialis? Are those drug names that you are familiar with? You probably recognize them as sexual enhancement products for men; to help with erectile dysfunction. They’re advertised everywhere: in between nightly news segments, sitcoms, and the Super Bowl.

Now, let me ask you this: When was the last time you saw a similar commercial, or product, for women?

When this question was posed to me, I seriously had to stop and think. When was the last time I had seen anything like that – and did I know of any products by name?

Why do men’s sexual enhancement products get so much play, while women’s get hardly any at all?

Let me introduce you to Zestra – a sexual satisfaction product for women. Zestra contains a blend of botanical oils and extracts to enhance female satisfaction and arousal, and give a little assistant to those of us who need a little help “getting in the mood”. I know I could use a little help, especially when I work all day, then come home to a hyper toddler who has managed to smear yogurt or peanut butter or something in her hair and then I have to sing nine rousing renditions of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in a row. When applied to the vaginal area 3-5 minutes before sexual activity, Zestra delivers the “Zestra Rush” to put a little oomph into your sex drive.

So why is it that men’s sexual enhancement products are so prevalent, when products for women aren’t? Check your SPAM folder in your inbox – even your junk mail is lousy with “penis cream! Bigger penis! Robot penis! ROCKET PENIS!”. Where’s my rocket vagina? I would also like mine to have lasers, please.  In all (semi) seriousness, it has always seemed like there is a double standard when it comes to men’s sexuality versus women’s. Men are encouraged to be players, while women who like to explore and have fun in bed are considered “easy” or “slutty”. Did you know that ads for Zestra were even rejected to be shown on television? What the hell, advertising?! How is that fair? We want ours, too!

Zestra is clinically proven safe and effective, has no known drug interactions or side effects (unlike Viagra, which can cause like, forever erections), is edible if ingested (though I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s kind of, er, bitter) and is hormone and paraben-free. Because I don’t know about you but parabens + my vagina = do not want. Paraben is a little too close to the word “parasite” for comfort (and yes I know the two things are nowhere NEAR related – I’m weird, stop judging me, I don’t want parabens OR parasites near my nethers).

I have had the chance to review Zestra, and since I’m a lady (….. stop laughing. Okay, seriously. Stop laughing), I will spare you the details but it definitely enhances things. My sex drive has never been incredibly active, and Zestra was definitely able to give me the extra boost that I needed. It created a nice, warm sensation and I definitely understood the “Zestra Rush” that I had read about! I haven’t gotten to use it on a long-term basis yet, but I am looking forward to making it part of our regular sexytimes.

If you’re interested in giving Zestra a chance (and I highly recommend you do!), take advantage of this special offer that Zestra has kindly agreed to provide for you, my readers! I recommend taking advantage of this offer, which gets you Zestra PLUS a bottle of their Glide lubricant – which is very enjoyable.


Viagra has had its time in the advertising sun. It’s time the ladies got their turn.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Zestra. I was provided a free bottle of Zestra & Glide in exchange for this review. The thoughts and opinions in this post are 100% authentic, and 100% my own.


  1. ummm…..well im happy this worked for you. I saw the word vagina up there like so many times. Did I just get laid?
    Veronica recently posted..A day in my life as a mom with video bonus.

  2. I am always looking for non-toy related (In addition to parasites/bens, I don’t love mechanical things in or around my vagina) things to spice things up in the bedroom! I might actually try this out. What’s the consistency? Is it like a gel that dissolves completely like lotion, or does it leave like a sheen/film on your skin? Can you fall asleep after….um, use, without having to immediately shower? I know this is awkward, but I seriously want to know lol
    Cara Mia recently posted..How the twins doing? They survivin’…

    • It’s got a nice consistency; not really slick or slippery, but not at all tacky. It just sort of melts into your skin. The Glide lubricant is just like a lube; slippery and whatnot but the Zestra just sort of melts in and isn’t messy. And yeah, you could fall asleep right after. The smell takes some getting used to (it’s not bad – just different), but it’s not all tacky and icky like KY or Astroglide.
      Mommy Boots recently posted..Zestra – Satisfaction for Women

  3. Sounds awesome! I especially like the idea of a vagina rocket :-)

  4. Vagina rocket sounds like the best thing ever. The lasers might be an issue, I guess it depends on if you mean the cutting kind or the light show kind…
    Amy recently posted..Red Wine Slow Cooker Chicken

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