This Post Makes No Sense.

Hi! So remember when I blogged the other day about the marathon sickness that had gripped my household? Well, Nellie’s croup is better and she’s waking up less and sleeping better. Hooray!

The not so great news? I’ve contracted some sort of horrible virus from hell and am sick. No fever anymore, just a lot of stuffy congestion, general fatigue, swollen glands and oh yeah – THERE IS A FUCKING DRAGON LIVING IN MY THROAT.

I’m not joking, guys. My throat hurts so bad, it’s like there’s a Hungarian Horntail waiting to defend its golden egg in the Triwizard Tournament in there. And I’ve tried everything to kill the bastard. Pain medicine. Cold medicine. Hot tea. Warm soup. Ice cream. Gargling salt waters. Sacrificing goats. EVERYTHING. The only time my throat feels like it’s NOT on fire is the precise moment something warm, or something cold is being swallowed by me.

THIS SUCKS, Y’ALL. It is almost 1 in the morning while I’m writing this. I’m on the couch in the living room so my poor husband, who has to get up and work tomorrow, doesn’t have to hear my constant shifting and getting up and down. I finally resorted to taking a full dose of Bendaryl, which I never do because I’m very sensitive to it, in the hopes that it will render me unconscious and by proxy, render the fire breathing creature in my throat unconscious as well. I will probably regret the Benadryl in the morning, as it always seems to make me feel funny and hungover the next day.

I’m not even sure why I’m writing this. It’s probably the Benadryl talking. I’m going to try and pass out. FUCK YOU, THROAT DRAGON.




  1. I’m so sorry! But I fixed Pookah and now I’m sick. Sigh. Such is motherhood this week…
    LaShawn recently posted..Bootleg Stream of Consciousness…..

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