I think I’m probably in the 2WW though I don’t know for sure. The last OPK I took was on Friday and it was still negative. I suspect that I probably O’ed on Saturday, as I was really uncomfortable and bloated Friday late afternoon. We had our regional competition for our chorus all weekend and I forgot to bring another OPK to test on Saturday. DH and I BD’ed Wednesday, Thursday, and yesterday… And that’s it. I didn’t freak out about it, I didn’t obsess… It is what it is. We used PreSeed so maybe that will be enough to help the lil’ swimmers along. Maybe it won’t. Regardless, I’m feeling OK about it all.

My chorus placed 2nd in our small chorus division, and 3rd overall. We competed against 12 other choruses, so I feel really good about the whole thing! Woo hoo!