Sneezy Pants, Movie Nights, and Potential New Digs

Oh, it’s Monday again. And it’s rainy! Boo for both. I appear to be in the throes of an allergy attack, which is a bummer. It started yesterday and hasn’t let up. I’m sneezing every few minutes which means my poor little nose will probably be raw by the end of the day. I feel fine, just sneezy. I popped a Claritin not too long ago so hopefully it’ll help kill the sneezes in a few hours.

We had a good weekend. We went and looked at a new apartment on Saturday. We had pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that we were going to be stuck in our 1 BR for another 6 months, as every place we had looked at had security deposits. Due to DH’s work being painfully dry lately, we haven’t had the ability to save up enough for a deposit so we were searching for a place with a “no security deposit” special. Luckily, we found one not far away from where we already live. A 2 BR place for $10 more than what we are paying for our 1 BR place currently. We went and checked it out, and liked what we saw. It has 2 full bathrooms, plenty of closet space (which is something our current apartment lacks), a patio and a storage closet out on the patio. The appliances are a bit older than I’d like, but they are in fine working order which is what’s important. It has a separate washer/dryer area which is great, and water plus basic cable are included. Score!
We had to put $145 down ($100 to reserve the apartment, and $45 as an app. fee) but the $100 is going to come off our first month’s rent. I’m feeling optimistic; the only roadblock we may run into is needing a cosignor since DH doesn’t get paystubs from his job and providing proof of income is difficult for him. Not a big deal; I’m sure we can find someone to cosign for us if need be. I am hoping that my pay stubs, and our 4 years of good rental history from our current complex will be sufficient.

Yesterday afternoon we went down to the Market, got some kettle corn and looked around and headed to my brother in law’s house. We cooked burgers and watched the Lost Boys.
Last night we went to our friend’s apartment and hung out and watched Halloween-themed movies. We watched Trick r’ Treat first, which was great.. I’ve been wanting to see that movie for about 2 years now. For some reason there was some weird delay on its’ DVD release. I first saw a preview for it about 2 years ago and it was just recently put out on DVD. I enjoyed it very much. We ate popcorn and cookies, and watched A Nightmare on Elm Street which was full of many laughs. I hadn’t ever seen the original Nightmare, so that was fun.

I’ve been getting used to life without Ada. I still get a little sad when I look out into the screened in porch and she’s not there, but I do have to admit my stress levels have gone down quite a bit. I don’t have to worry about where she’s peed, if she’s peed or think about cleaning it up. I hope she’s adjusting to her new home well. I do think about her a lot and hope she’s OK, but I do have to say I am a little relieved and things have been easier.

Okay.. I’m going to work on my weekly update. 26 weeks pregnant. One week away from the THIRD TRIMESTER!!!!

Saga of My Cat: The Final Chapter

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know about my cat Ada and how she has been a problem. If you haven’t read, then check out this post , which details her problem; this post, which was about a time we found a home for her and then this post which is where I completely lost my logical brain and had a pregnant hormone crying fit.

I’ll wait while you read those.

*twiddles thumbs*
*drinks orange juice*
*checks watch*

Back? Okay. …. You did read the posts, didn’t you? ….. Well if you didn’t, here is a very brief overview of my situation with the cat:
I’ve had Ada for 4 years. She started peeing on our loveseat in 2007. We dealt with it and cleaned up after her. She kept doing it. She would pee on the couch, loveseat, our clothes, and finally our bed. When we got pregnant, DH said “that’s it, she’s gotta go”. I was very upset but began looking. DH found a family that said they’d take her, pee problem and all. I agreed. At the last second, I lost it and couldn’t give her up. DH caved and told me we could keep her. The other night, she peed in a drawer full of old photos and almost ruined them. She also almost peed on a baby blanket of Nellie’s. I lost it and realized it was too stressful for me anymore and couldn’t deal with it. Contacted the family from the summer and they said they’d still take her.

So anyway, this morning DH took her to meet up with her new family. I sent her on her way with a catnip toy, a can of wet cat food (her diet consists only of dry), a note of thanks to the family and my contact information and her dose of flea medication. Last night I fed her a whole can of wet food and spent some good snuggling time with her.

I don’t think it’s really dawned on me that she’s gone now, on her way to a new home. DH texted me when he made the “transfer”, and I started to cry but now I think I might just be numb. I know that I did the right thing for our family; the stress she was causing our lives and even our relationship was getting to be too much. I am sad and feel like crap, but I have to do for my family. My child and marriage and relationship have to come before a cat.

One of my friends just told me that it was the best thing to do, and I started to cry. Anytime someone validates the fact that I did the right thing, it hits me hard and I start to cry. I know that in the long run, a part of me will feel relieved that the source of stress is gone. But I miss her, and I hope that her new family treats her well. I asked them in a letter to please, please contact me if they end up not wanting her and I will take her back and find another home for her so she doesn’t end up abandoned on the street or in a shelter somewhere. This family has a little girl, so hopefully she will love Ada as much as I do.


So last night when I was coming home from chorus, I got to thinking about Ada and it put me in a really sad, melancholy mood. I cried a lot on the way home and when I got home, Josh could see I was down. He asked what was up and I said nothing. He asked again, and I confessed that I was thinking about Ada. I started getting sad again and crying a little, and he looked a me for a minute, sighed, and said, ‘We can keep her.’
I shook my head no and started crying harder and he insisted yes, we can keep her. I went back and forth and started crying and saying how I wasn’t comfortable giving her to this family because I didn’t know them, they’re two hours away and I would never see her again. I kept saying that I didn’t know anything about them, if they’d be good to her, or mean to her, if they’d put her outside or abandon her at a shelter if things got hard. He said we could keep her in the sunroom and try this litter that our friend Deborah told us about. It’s called Cat Attract and it’s supposed to encourage kitties to use the litter box. Deb talked to a vet friend of hers about Ada and the vet right off the bat suggested this litter. She said it’s almost 100% guaranteed to work.

I am very conflicted, because Joshua is 100% right that she cannot be allowed to destroy our things, or soil our children’s clothes, crib, etc. I just don’t think I’m ready to give her away yet, ESPECIALLY not to someone I don’t know at ALL and will most likely have no contact with in the future. I’m not saying that a new home isn’t in Ada’s future, but I need more time to find one that I’m comfortable with. I felt very rushed in making a decision to find a home for Ada but now that Josh said that we can keep her, I feel more comfortable and feel like I have more time to find a place for her.

Who knows, this litter may work completely and my little girl can stay with us for good.. We can only hope and keep our fingers crossed. Needless to say, I feel so much better like a weight has been lifted. I feel a little bad for the little girl who thought she was going to get Ada, but I really was not comfortable giving her to a family I knew nothing about or had never met.

Ohhh kitty cat drama.

Kitty Update

Well Josh has a guy who works for him whose sister is looking for a kitty. She specifically wants a grown cat and not a kitten. Josh talked to her today and asked why, and she said that her daughter is ten years old and wants a grown cat, because she knows how easy kittens get placed and how hard it is to find homes for older kitties.
Josh also mentioned the peeing issue, and the mom said that didn’t bother her.
So, the fact that the kid has the right idea about adopting animals makes me feel better, and I think we’ve found a home for my girl.

Once I texted that to Josh, I started crying because it just became a reality to me. I know that it’s been coming, but it hasn’t really been REAL. I kept thinking that something would happen where we could keep her, or she’d magically just stop peeing or whatever, but now it’s a reality. I have to give my kitty girl away. She’s not going to be my kitty girl anymore. She’s been with us since she was a baby, four almost four years and now I have to give her to someone else.

I’m finding a home for her, and not just dropping her off at some shelter so why does it feel like I’m abandoning her??? I’ve never had to do this before, maybe that’s why it’s so hard. I just feel so bad and I’m going to miss my little baby girl so much.

I just had to go to the bathroom to cry. My hormones are definitely taking over at this point.
There’s no looking back now, we’ve told the lady that she can have Ada. There’s a kid involved now, and I’m sure she’d be sad and disappointed to hear that she’s not getting her kitty. So… That’s it..

My sweet baby girl, a little over a year ago. I love you Ada, I wish that things could work out differently, but our home is just not a right fit for you anymore.

Miss Ada

*sighs* Well, that’s it. My girl kitty Ada has got to go. Josh called me last night while I was grocery shopping and he was not happy. We’ve been keeping Ada out in the sunroom since she peed on our bed. She has her own space, her own water, food, and litter box. We figured that maybe she would be happy if she didn’t have to share the litterbox with the two boys. We even let her out to interact and cuddle when we are home and in the living room.

Last night Josh went out into the sunroom to check his e-mail. Ada jumped up on the (fake) leather couch we have out there, and peed all over it. It rolled off the couch and some got on the carpeting out there. He called me and said she has got to go, NOW.

I don’t know what her problem is. It’s not a UTI, because she does use her box.. She just also likes to pee where she’s not supposed to. I suspect her problem lies with our boy kitties; she just doesn’t like them. Regardless, we’ve given her a chance and been patient and now we just can’t do it anymore.

I really am heartbroken. I went out to her room this morning and just held her and cried. I don’t want to say goodbye to my girl, but she doesn’t leave me with any other option. My child will not grow up in an environment where his or her things, where s/he sleeps may be covered in cat pee. It’s not healthy, and it’s not fair.

I’m desperately trying to find a home for her with someone I know. The thought of just leaving her with some shelter makes me sick to my stomach. I want someone that I KNOW will love her and take care of her to adopt her. Not some stranger that I don’t know anything about.

I already contacted my mom and she said she can’t take another cat. I completely understand because she already has several, and has health problems. I just thought I’d give her a shot first.

*sighs* It’s hard to say goodbye to my girl. She’s been with us for four years, and I hate to just abandon her. I just feel so bad, I keep thinking about her stuck in some shelter, scared and alone, wondering where I am and why I just left her there. I know that’s kind of silly because she’s just a cat and doesn’t really think that way but still. That’s the image I have in my head and it just breaks my heart.

Let’s hope I can find someone who’s willing to take in a slightly neurotic, sweet, affectionate little orange kitty.