A Few of Her Favorite Things

I haven’t posted much about Nellie lately (except for her coke habit) so I figured I’d share a little bit of what she is into at the age of 2 years and 2 months. Here are a few things she enjoys.

Nellie enjoys sliding at her favorite playground on her butt…….

And also on her belly.


She enjoys visiting the aquarium in her lion hat…


Locking her best friend inside shark cages…


Being Captain America.


Nellie also enjoys watching her favorite movies Tangled, The Princess and the Frog, Charlotte’s Web, The Little Mermaid, Coraline, and many others. It seems that our little one has inherited our passion for movies. She’s independent. Her favorite phrase right now is “I do it”. She can count to ten, identify most colors (a bit inconsistently, and some colors are easier for her to point out than others), identify several numbers, and can sing several songs from start to finish. She loves strawberries, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and that’s about it. She’s a girl on the go. She loves to ask “What’s that?!”

Basically, she’s awesome.


Nellie’s 2nd Birthday

Stop the presses and hand me the award for Mother of the Year, please. My child turned 2 on January 20th, and I’m just now writing about it. In my defense, it was a very busy weekend and I do work full-time outside the home. I’m just a little busy.

Nellie’s birthday weekend was awesome. My dad and step-mom came down from Chicago to spend a long weekend with us. We all went to the local aquarium for Nellie’s first visit. She loved it so much, dad bought us a year-long family pass! I cannot wait to take her back. She loved the stingrays and the penguins the most.

We saw a lot of really neat stuff. Jellyfish, butterflies, and fish of all kinds.

I didn’t take any pictures of her actual party. But I did take some of the amazing cake I made her.

Clearly, I should quit my day job and become a cake decorator.


It was a really wonderful weekend. We were very sad to see dad and Sue go. We spent some really great time with them, and it was nice to connect with family under better circumstances than the last time I saw my dad (he came down when mom was in the hospital). We have a family pass to the aquarium now, and we cannot wait to take Nellie back. It’s hard to believe that our little Nellie is two years old, that it’s been that long since she came into our lives. I told Josh the other day how it’s hard to remember what it felt like before she was around.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, smart, funny, ridiculous, imaginative, beautiful little girl. We love you beyond what words can say, more than the moon & stars, forever and always. I can’t wait to see what Two holds in store.