Still Working On Some Things…

I still get jealous when I see/read/hear about other pregnant women, especially if they have not been trying as long as I have.

This is not a fair emotion for me to have, but it’s there. Unless you’ve been on this TTC Roller-coaster, and especially if you’ve never experienced the loss of a baby, you can’t and won’t ever understand. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

It’s not an emotion I like to feel. It makes me feel petty and bitter. I don’t like feeling that way, I’d rather feel positive and optimistic, and happy for those fertile little ladies. I try very hard to put things in perspective. It’s just hard when I’ve been wanting for so long, and trying for so long and am still unsuccessful and others just have such an easy time at it.

So, that’s my little confession. It’s something I need to work at and every day I get a little better.

Babies having babies

A friend of mine posted this story on their journal, and I am re-posting. The only thing that I can think to say, or ask rather, about this story is why?

13 Year Old Boy/15 Year Old Girl Become Parents

One year and 4 months of being ready for a baby, one miscarriage, and 8 cycles of actively trying to conceive versus one night of unprotected, uninformed sex.

Tell me: how is this fair?