Oh hai there, 2011!

Is it going to take anyone else at least four months to get used to writing 2011? No? Just me? Okay then.

On Thursday my best friend from Chicago, Megan, flew in to town. We rang in the New Year with her and our friends Dave & Deborah and later their friend Patti. We played Apples to Apples, and a board game called Quelf (bet when you first read that you thought it said ‘Queef’. I thought the board game said ‘Queef’ and I figured we were in for an interesting night) which was ridiculous amounts of fun. After a 3-store hunt I tracked down some Pinnacle whipped cream-flavored vodka and drank it with root beer & orange soda. Not together of course, those were two separate drinks. It was delicious. We had a blast and despite our raucous laughter during Quelf, Nellie did not make a peep.

Last night my husband stayed home with the baby while Megan and I went out for a little girl’s night. We hopped two different bars, and just hung out enjoying each others’ company. It’s been two years since we’ve seen each other so the visit was very much welcome! Nellie had a blast with her and I will post pictures of their playtime soon.

The holidays are officially over for another year. 2011 brings about a lot of exciting things… Our first full year as a family of three, our daughter’s first birthday…. I turn 27 a week from today. I’m looking forward to seeing what the New Year will bring. I’m sure that 2011 will be just as amazing as 2010 was. 2011 brings in a whole new stage of parenthood……. The start of the toddler years. Nellie’s not walking yet but she is close. I don’t think she’ll walk before her first birthday but I don’t think it’ll be long after.

Megan left a little while ago to fly back to Chicago. I’m sad that she has to go back, but I know that we’ll get to see one another again soon. Tonight, I’ll relax with my family and enjoy the last bit of our long weekend together. There’s a pot roast cooking in the Crock Pot and the Big Lebowski playing on our XBox right now.

Life is good.

Bring it, 2011.

Unexpectedly emotional

I just got unexpectedly emotional, and not because of my miscarriage, seeing a pregnant woman, a baby, or the fact that I’m not pregnant.

No, it’s because my friend Michelle is leaving.

Michelle is my long-time friend Ryan’s girlfriend (now fiancee). She and I started going to the gym together this past February. We barely knew each other at all then. From February to May, we saw each other at least three times a week, quite often it was more than that. We’d get coffee, lunch, dinner, etc. We’ve talked about EVERYTHING. She’s asked me to be a bridesmaid, which I accepted without hesitation.

Well, she’s going to school in Georgia, which has become too much of a commute (we live in Tennessee.. At the very bottom of Tennessee, but still), and has decided to move back in with her parents for the next semester. She’s going to be about 45 minutes-one hour away. She’s only going to be gone until January (her wedding) and then she’s moving back here.

I texted her just now to see when she’s leaving, and told her I wanted to hang out with her before she went. She asked me if I’d like to go dress shopping with her again this Saturday, and I said I’d love to. Then, all of a sudden, I realized how much I’m going to miss her. I know she’s not going away forever, and it’s not very far away… But I’m still going to miss her, a lot. I think that she and I have become a lot closer than I realized. At least, I feel like we have. I’m really bad with expressing my feelings, so I need to make sure that I tell her this.