Something’s fishy..

I just got a message from my cousin on Facebook. I’m feeling a bit silly at the moment, but it’s kind of giving me hope. Here’s what she wrote:


Just had a dream about fish in an egg carton. I took it up to your old house door and was about to transfer it into a bigger fish tank. Hmmmm….fish=fertility. This is especially true for my dreams. I’m 6 for 6. I’m praying, sista!!!

I Googled a few dream dictionaries and looked up what fish symbolize, and the first dictionary I brought up did, in fact confirm that fish in a dream can be a sign of fertility, conception; pregnancy. I, of course do not believe that my cousin is some kind of weird pregnancy psychic but I also do believe that some people are very perceptive and sensitive, especially in their subconscious.

I do believe if we get pregnant this month, I’ll call my baby my little fishy :)


When your goals seem far away..
When it’s hard to breathe..
When the tears well up in your eyes thinking of your loss, the absence..
Keep your eyes on your goal…
Your health.. Your body.. Your baby, depends on this.
Remember, it will be yours someday.. Someday soon..
To the one that I had… I loved you from the moment I knew you were there. I proudly exclaimed when you were the size of a poppyseed, and excitedly updated when you grew. And then, you stopped growing. I loved you as much then as I would if you’d have taken your first breath… I miss you every single day.
And to my ones that aren’t here yet… The love you will find in my arms, and in the arms of your father will be overwhelming, and amazing. We have not met you yet, and already we love and want you so, so much. I cannot wait to meet you, little ones. However many of you there may be.