Making An Appearance at BlogHer

Thanks to two of my best bloggy friends Beth and Katie, even though I can’t be at BlogHer in person this year, I will sort of be there. Behold: Popsicle-Stick Natalie.

Watch the fuck OUT, Sparklecorn. Popsicle-Stick Natalie is coming to the party to tear shit up. When she gets drunk she likes to headbutt people and call everyone “bitch”. She also may be participating in a fierce flash mob. She’s already prepared for the amazing BlogHer parties with her makeup and glittery outfit and BlogHer isn’t until TOMORROW. THAT’S HOW HARDCORE THIS BITCH IS.

Thanks, Katie and Beth for bringing me along to BlogHer. Be sure to take lots of pictures. And for those of you who are attending, if you happen to see Popsicle-Stick Natalie don’t be afraid to go up and say hi. Sometimes she bites though, so watch out.