Losin’ and Sneezin’

Well, this weekend was lazy. I took a day off on Friday because my legs were killing me, and I didn’t want to hurt them. I had all intentions on doing my Saturday morning cardio and yoga class, but unfortunately on Friday night after our Warhammer game my brother in law and I got really drunk. When Josh and I got home I wasn’t tired, and I ended up not going to bed until 7 AM. I was supposed to meet Michelle at the gym at 9:30. I texted her early on an told her that I was just going to skip Saturday. Bad Natalie!

I did go on Sunday, and weighed in. I’ve lost another pound. I’m now at 161.5. When I did my very first weigh in 6 weeks ago, I weighed 170. So, I’m making progress!

I’m going home sick today from work. I feel pretty bad… I have to wait an hour to an hour and a half. The coworker who relieves me for lunch, and covers for me when I’m out sick and what have you has some things to be done early this morning. I don’t mind; I’m just glad that I’m going to get to go home.

Nothing really else to report… Today is a rest day, so I don’t have to feel badly about being sick and not making it to the gym. Back to it tomorrow..

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