It all just hit me

After being a total ass to my husband.

I’ve had such a bad week. It’s been a horrible, rotten, terrible week.

I want to be pregnant. I was counting on it. I could just feel it at the beginning of the month. I just KNEW that this was my month.

I haven’t gotten my period yet, but like I said, brown spotting this morning, temps falling.. She’s on her way.

I’m just so sad. I’m so upset. I’m hormonal, I’m sad, I’ve been stressed, and it caused me to be a jerk to my DH.



Well, against my better judgement, I went to Walgreen’s on my lunch break yesterday, bought 2 HPTs, and POAS when I got back to work.


A few hours later, I started very slightly spotting.


This morning, more spotting. It’s brown, but since the miscarriage, my periods have been starting, and ending, with brown spotting. Go figure. I don’t know if there’s a scientific reason for that, but it never happened before my miscarriage.

*sighs* My temperature also took another degree dip, so I’m pretty officially out for this cycle. On to cycle #4. PreSeed, OPKs.. Here I come. I really hoped that I wouldn’t need you.