You’re going to put that where?!

OK, so one of the things I planned on trying this month was Instead Cups.

I bought them at CVS, and decided to give them a “dry run”, so to speak, so when I was ready to actually use them after BD I wouldn’t be a spaz. I took one out of it’s wrapper, and just stared at it. I looked at DH, who wanted to see what they looked like, and he was just like, “You’re going to put that up there? GOOD LUCK.”

They’re HUGE!!!!! I tried FOUR TIMES to put one of those damn things inside me, and it just felt awkward and weird. Needless to say, I WON’T be using an Instead Cup for TTC, or for AF. Yikes!

Anyway, today is CD8, so today is officially the start of BD day. According to the Sperm Meets Egg Plan
we BD starting on CD8 every other day, and start using OPKs on CD10. This is gonna work, I can feel it! I’m temping, using the SME Plan, charting my CP and CM, using PreSeed, and using OPKs. Sperm, you WILL meet egg this month, and you WILL conceive a sticky baby damnit!

That is all. I’m about to run to the bank, and to pick up a copy of Breaking Dawn. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine…


  1. I'm really glad you posted this, I'd wondered about the size of those and you've pretty much confirmed they'd be too big. I can barely keep a tampon on because they are so long, I can't imagine using one of these things now.I hope this is your month!*love & hugs*

  2. Wow, those cups must be like torture deivces in diguise. I had no idea that they were so huge! How the heck are you supposed to insert them, anyways?!I REALLY hope this is your month, sounds like youre doing everything absolutely right… I cant wait to see what happens at the end of August! :)

  3. Worrybook says:

    I will say, the instead cups are a little intimidating. But when you squeeze them and just stick them up there they really seem to work for me. I mean it just kind of molds itself to your body and you can't feel them at all. I don't know how effective they are though. The first month I used them I didn't get a BFP…I think just throwing your legs in the air and lying down for a while works just as well.I just bought Twilight myself. I'm excited to start a new series. I really like it so far and I am just on chapter 4 or so. Good luck this month!!!!!

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