Cycle confusion

So, I’m not temping this month. I decided not to, because my waking times are too sporadic and I don’t think using a BBT adjuster is reliable.

Anywhoo. Tuesday-Thursday of last week, I had PLENTIFUL CM. And it was very much EW, some creamy. I mean, there was a lot. I wrote that off to the Mucinex.

So Thursday, we BD. Josh didn’t finish, because his back was hurting. No worries. Friday, I was as DRY AS A BONE down there. My CP was still pretty good, but I had NO CM to speak of. Not even using the Mucinex! WTF? So I’m thinking maybe I O’ed RIDICULOUSLY early, and we already missed it.

Nope. I got a + OPK Friday. STILL no CM to speak of. So, DH and I BD’ed Friday. Saturday, still no CM. We didn’t get the chance to BD, but we did first thing Sunday morning. My CM is all dry now, and my CP is LFC. I was expecting to ovulate TOMORROW, not Friday or Saturday! WTH?

My body’s weird. It’d be nice if we got pregnant this cycle. Our 3 year wedding anniversary is this month. That’d be a lovely, wonderful anniversary gift. If we don’t get pregnant, I will be disappointed of course, but we will try, try again. I’m just confused with my CM not corresponding with my + OPK. Whatever…

Oh, and this is sort of funny. I think I hurt myself BDing. DH had me in this weird position, and I woke up yesterday with this horrible pain in my lower back/butt. It’s just on the right hand side, but I honestly think I pulled something while BDing!!! Whoops.