The waiting game

Well, I’ve been good about not over-analyzing my body during the 2WW. The first week has passed by relatively quickly. I’m about 9DPO, I think, and I’m starting to feel mildly crampy. Just that dull, crampy ache that I’ve been getting the past few cycles about 9-11 DPO. So, this means AF is more than likely going to make her grand appearance at some point this weekend.

I’m giving her until Tuesday the 23rd to show up (I’d be 17 DPO by then), and if she doesn’t, THEN I will test. But I will not test before then.

She was early last month; making my cycle 30 days instead of 31. I wonder if she’ll be on time or early this month? Of course the prospect of another month with no pregnancy has me down a little bit, but there’s always next month.