Randomly emotional

I find myself becoming “on the verge” emotional over little stuff the past 2 days.

When I say “on the verge” emotional, I mean that something I’ll read or see will make me feel very emotional, very quickly, to the point where I feel like it might make me cry and then it goes away almost as quickly as it came. This is almost definitely a sign of AF.

My appetite has also increased, and my temper and tolerance for other human beings around me have both decreased. Also, signs of AF. My boobs are ridiculously sore, though they are not any more swollen or puffy than usual.

All of these things are pointing directly to AF. At one point, I might have interpreted them as IPS; holding my breath with the hope that I am pregnant. But not this month. I’m fully expecting AF, all the symptoms are there, now it’s just a waiting game. Waiting for her to show and clear things out, so to speak, so we can move on to our next cycle of trying.

Of course, there is a slight chance that all of these COULD be IPS and I’ll get a big, fat, surprise in a few days. But I wouldn’t count on it.