Positive Thinking/Visualization

This will be it. This is going to be my month.

CM? Oh CM? Where are you?

So I got a positive on my OPK yesterday. Along with some EWCM when I beared down (I’m vowing not to stick my fingers up there to check anymore; I think I wound up with a farily mild UTI and I think it could be from obsessively checking my CP and CM last month.

So anyway, I did see some EWCM when forcing it out from my body yesterday. Some, not a lot. DH and I BDed last night (in the proper position that is fitting for my tilted uterus), and now today… NOTHING. No CM. I can’t get ANYTHING when I bear down. I had this problem last month; the days after I’d BD I would be bone dry. I’m taking my Mucinex, so what gives? I’m terrified that this is why I haven’t gotten pregnant yet; what if my body just isn’t manufacturing enough CM? Is it possible to still have plenty of fertile CM up there even if it doesn’t reach your panties/toilet paper?

I’ve been guzzling water because I know that it’s also imperitive to good, fertile CM. What the hell gives with my dry vagina after I BD with my husband? I just don’t get it. We use Pre’ when we do need lube (which we did not last night), it’s like having sex saps my body of all its’ natural lubricants. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I’m so frustrated with my body, and its lack of cervical mucous.