To my stubborn future child

Dear Nellie or Levi,

Alright. This is your mother speaking. Are you listening? You’d better be.

I know that you have two really stubborn parents, and this is probably contributing to the fact that you haven’t graced us with your tiny little presence yet. I’ve been patient the past few months. Very patient, actually. In fact, I think that your father and I have been a portrait of patience.

I’m starting to get a little steamed here, kiddo. I know that you’re taking your sweet little time, and that you’re stubborn, just like your father and I. I’m not sure why you’re taking your time, but I’m sure you have your reasons. Just know that I’m starting to get impatient and frustrated waiting on you to make your great appearance! I’m just so anxious to finally have you in my life, kiddo, so please understand my reason for being a little irked. Daddy and I are trying very hard to make you a part of our lives. And I guess when you’re ready, you’ll come. But, I guess what I’m asking here is, do you think you could be ready soon? Like, maybe this month?

I really don’t want to have you ground you when you’re 8 for something you did when you weren’t even conceived yet, but I will if I have to, young lady/young man!

Just keep in mind, we’re waiting on you baby, we really, really love you already, and we cannot wait to meet you.