It’s hard to believe that this time last year, I was pregnant. I didn’t know yet that I was pregnant, but I was. I was starting to feel a little wonky and off, like something was up. *sighs*

It’s hard, sometimes, to remember back to a year ago and think on how wonderful a time it was. To find out we were pregnant, to be on cloud nine for three weeks and then to go through the most horrible experience of my life thus far.

Here I am, almost a year since the loss of our baby and I’m still not pregnant. I never dreamed that I would be in this situation. This time last year, I figured I’d either be holding a newborn, or on my way to being a mommy. I never imagined that I would have lost my beloved little one… Never would have thought that my desire to be a mommy would still be unfulfilled.

Oh, well. I guess I just have to take what I’m given; deal with what I’m dealt. Life isn’t fair, it doesn’t make sense sometimes, and there’s nothing we can do but try our best to cope.. Even if we don’t understand it.