Belated Wisdom Tooth Update

This was posted in my normal blog yesterday, and I’m just now getting around to posting it today:

Well, I did it. I am now sans four teeth.

We went early this morning, around 9:30. I signed in, they confirmed that they had my credit card info, asked me if I had a ride, had I eaten, etc. I sat back down and 5 minutes later a nurse came and called me. I squeaked out, “No!” but got up, waved bye to Josh and in I went.

They made me comfy in a room, hooked me up to vital monitors and a blood pressure machine. My blood pressure was 120/75 which I guess is good. I’ve never had blood pressure problems. It was kind of funny to watch my heart rate bounce; when nothing was happening it was about 75 and whenever a nurse would hook something up or wheel something near it’d jump. They hooked me up to an IV in my hand (which I’ve never had before) which only hurt a little. They covered me with a big, thick blanket and gave me an ID bracelet. The dentist came in, said hi, and asked if I was ready. I told him not really but they had me all strapped in so I didn’t have a choice. They laughed, and told me they were going to put some oxygen over my face.

The nurse injected some anti-nausea medication into my IV, they put the oxygen over my face and injected me with what I’m assuming was the sedative, because it seems as soon as that oxygen went over my nose things started getting a little blurry and my eyes started to cross.

I think that I maybe remember voices during the procedure but I don’t remember anything else. The next thing I remember I was laying in a chair with the blanket still over me, and the nurse telling me not to move. Things got progressively less fuzzy, and I was able to take in a little more information. I tried to talk, but they told me not to. They had put a cold pack on my right side, as I guess it had experienced a bit more trauma than the left. My tongue felt like a piece of sandpaper, and all I wanted was a drink. I lay there for about 20 minutes regaining consciousness, and they helped me out to where Josh had pulled the car around. They wrote me a doctor’s note through Thursday, and said goodbye.

We went to Walgreens to drop off my scrips for Amoxicillin and some pain meds. Josh drove me back home and got me some more soft food, and picked up my meds. We changed out my gauze for the first time, which freaked me the HELL out. It was a deep, dark red color and completely covered with blood. There were dark red blood clots and it wigged me out. After we put in new ones my jaw and face started hurting kind of badly, so I took my first Oxycodone. I was expecting it to make me silly and nauseous but the only effect they’ve had on me is making me randomly sleep in 20 minute intervals.

I’ve been changing out my gauze all day, and I’m no longer bleeding profusely. The blood is now sparse and brown.. I just got done carefully eating some Jell-O. Josh’s mom is making me homemade potato soup tomorrow, which I’m really, REALLY excited about. I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight as we’ve made a very comfortable nest, and I need to sleep on my back with my head elevated.

Josh also brought back a friend for me; he bought me a plastic triceratops to watch over me when he’s not here. I named the dinosaur Gauzey McBleedinggums.

Overall the surgery took maybe 30 minutes. The time that passed from the moment I walked in the door, to the moment I walked out was maybe an hour and fifteen minutes. The anesthesia did not make me vomit; I haven’t felt even a hint of nausea all day which I’m really happy about. My brother had a really bad experience with the pain medication making him sick. He threw up so much he ended up with dry sockets.

So I’m staying home tomorrow but I’ll probably be back to work Wednesday. I’ve been trying to talk as little as possible, because my jaws are starting to get really sore. I have no bruising as of now, and virtually no swelling. Overall I think it was a really easy surgery.

Ok so anyway, maybe the pain medication is making me a little rambly because that was long. If you made it this far, thank you. 😉 I hope you are all having a great night!

And this is today’s update:

I was able to sleep in about 2 hour intervals last night. I kept getting up, watching a little TV, eating some Jell-O, then going back to sleep. I feel pretty rested. I was a little uncomfortable this morning, so I took one of my pain pills and snoozed for another 2 hours or so. Once I woke up, I didn’t really realize how uncomfortable my face was before the pill, because it feels much better now.

I’m having Josh get me some Tylenol on his way home because I’m going to try to work tomorrow, and I don’t need to take the pain pills while I’m at work. It’s not dangerous for me to do so as I don’t have a particularly physical job, but I’d prefer not to fall asleep repeatedly at work. If I were taking the pills tomorrow, by the way, I’d have Josh drive me.

So I’m going to start myself on Tylenol tonight to see how well it controls the pain. If the pain is still disturbing my comfort level I may take one more day off. My doc’s note says it’s OK to return to work Thurs, so we’ll just play it by ear.

I’m going to watch Ellen now, and try and brush my teeth. My discharge instructions say to begin brushing (gently, and not at the surgical site obviously) and rinsing with salt water today. I have an irrigation tool that I’m to start using on Friday.

Overall this process hasn’t been bad. No nausea, the pain is controllable. I have noticed that I have not had much of an appetite. Just a little grumbling here and there which I can usually shut up with some Jell-O. I am tired of eating sweets though, so I’m really looking forward to some soup this afternoon.

I’m off to watch Ellen! Thank you everyone for the well-wishes!