I have been lurking in the November 2009 Expecting Club on iVillage for a few days.

I opened a post today that was full of blinkies, a couple that were specifically “Due in November” blinkies, and I started to get excited butterflies in my tummy.

I want to wear one of those blinkies on my iVillage signature so badly. I’m so ready to be pregnant again, I want it so bad. I had to banish those butterflies ASAP, because I don’t want my heart to be broken by AF’s arrival in a few days again. I just have to live like I’m expecting her tomorrow/Thursday. The last few days wait are the absolute worst. The WORST.


  1. I understand how very badly you want this! I've been there too, not so long ago! (It was only one year ago – its been 11 months since I got my BFP with Aliah.) I KNOW that the last day or two of waiting is just the worst. It can make you think and do some crazy things… Hang in there, your 1ww is almost up!

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