The Big Ultrasound

Well, after much wiggling, flipping, twisting, and turning we have our answer as to who is residing inside of me.

We got to our appointment, and the doctor had me lay down and put the goop on my belly. She got the ultrasound thingie on there and started moving around. All I cared about was seeing the heartbeat, or seeing the baby move which the baby did right away. The doctor pushed the ultrasound wand around to try and get a money shot, and the baby’s umbilical cord was between the legs!!!!! Oooof course.

A few seconds later, the doctor’s phone rings. She answers it, then hangs up a few moments later and puts up the ultrasound wand. She said that was a call about a patient of hers who is in labor and is having complications and that she’d be right back. So she left the room, and we were like, AWESOME!

About 20 minutes later she finally comes back. We get the ultrasound back underway, and the baby has now curled up into a little ball. Of course. So the doc looks and looks, and starts taking pictures only to discover….. Her machine has run out of paper. D’OH!!!!! So she sends someone to go look for the paper and in the meantime, keeps on looking around for the gender. After a little more prodding and pushing of the wand, we finally find paper for the ultrasound printer and she commences measurements and printing. She had a really hard time getting a clear picture of the 4 chambers of the heart. She said she was relatively certain she saw all 4 but didn’t want to be “pretty sure” and said that our next visit would include an ultrasound. Yay!

So after a little more prodding, we discover that baby now has a hand between it’s legs. WTF!!!!! We were very patient and waited for the little one to move and finally, the little one did move, bent over, and showed us that……………………………

WE’RE HAVING A DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nellie Rose is her name, and she is already feisty and stubborn!!!!! I haven’t been able to stop smiling. :)