Lack of Posting

I haven’t had much to say recently, and I have missed several weeks of my “weekly updates”…. Bad blogger, bad.

I’m sitting on the verge of allergies and a cold right now and I’m not sure which side is winning. All I know is that I’m going home early in case it is a cold, as to not infect my coworkers with whatever funk may be lurking. I am suspecting allergies, but I’m pregnant and don’t feel well so I’m going home a little early, damnit.

Life is good. I feel Nellie wiggle from time to time, though it’s not a regular thing. I’m not worried. I am fairly certain I have been graced with the presence of an anterior placenta which makes it difficult to feel your baby’s movements. I also have to remind myself that miss Nellie is still kind of small and has a relatively good amount of space in which to swim and float so her movements haven’t become regularly detectable yet. I envy mommies with normal placentas who can feel their little ones kick on a regular basis.

Our next appointment is 9/30 and we are lucky enough to get another ultrasound. We normally wouldn’t get one for several more weeks but Doc wasn’t able to get a good, clear picture of Little Miss Wigglebottom’s heart so she wants to try again when I’m 24 weeks.

I am 21 weeks pregnant. Wow. That still blows my freaking mind. When I saw that positive pregnancy test in May, I hoped and hoped I’d make it this far but it seemed so far away. Now I’m here… Just a few short weeks away from the 3rd trimester…. And even a shorter time away from the age of viability, where my baby could make it “on the outside” if something were to happen where she came early.

But that’s not going to happen. My daughter (so weird to say that) is going to stay right where she is until she is full-term. *pokes belly* That’s an order, missy, and I’m your mother. You have to listen to your mother. *nods*