Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere

Around week 19, I started feeling what I assumed was Nellie moving. It was very, very low and felt like squirming/wiggling. It felt it quite often, mostly when I was sitting down at my desk. The first week I felt it a lot, then not so much. I didn’t worry, because I saw her active and healthy on the ultrasound last week.

Since discovering that I have an anterior placenta, I have worried even less. At some point last week, I was feeling very strange sensations that I couldn’t really tell what they were. Part of me thought they could be Nellie, but another part of me thought (and this is kinda weird) that it was my bowels “settling” or something. I was lying semi-upright in bed last night (trying to fight off heartburn) when I felt it again. It was in my lower belly; off to one side and occasionally down a little lower. The best way I can describe it is sort of a heavy thumping; and also, it felt like someone was blowing up a balloon and then letting it burst. I could even feel it in my back. I convinced myself that it’s my little girl, and that those were actual kicks I was feeling! So exciting!