The Dark Side of Pregnancy

Today is just NOT MY DAY. At all. I am sitting here at my desk, feeling so uncomfortable. My lower back hurts because my chair is a jank ass POS, and to top that off I am constipated and that’s putting more pressure and making the discomfort even worse. I’m tired and have a stuffy head/nose, and just feel worn out.

In addition, my BITCH factor is maxed out today. I don’t know what the hell my problem is, but ALL DAY I have been just a pain in the ass, straight up bitch. Everyone who has come into my vicinity (save for my husband) has probably warranted the look of death from me. I swear, if I could shoot lasers from my eyes this entire building and everyone in it would probably be incinerated by now. My coworkers are driving me insane, I want to throw something heavy at every customer I see and every time I phone rings I want to scream.

I love being pregnant, but DAMN! It sure does do some strange and unpleasant things to your body and mind sometimes. I’m seriously contemplating trying to get out of here a bit early today. I’m not doing any work because I’m so tired and just so over it (there’s not really much for me to do right now anyway) and could really use a hot shower and a nap. I have to go sing with the chorus tonight (already committed to it) and it would be nice to rest and relax before going out to stand and sing for 45 minutes.

Maybe I’ll try and make it to 3:00 or so before bailing.

On a slightly more humorous note, I just got an e-mail from the March of Dimes that said, “Protect Your Baby From Pertussis”, but I hastily read the headline as, “Protect Your Baby From Prussians”.