Looking In the Eyes of Love

Photo courtesy of Nancy Hellsten
It’s been four years since I married my best friend. Four years ago I was getting ready for the biggest event (to that point) of my life. I wasn’t scared, and I wasn’t nervous. I was excited and full of anticipation for the big day. The day still stands so clearly in my memory; I remember almost every single detail about it. From the music, to the cake, to the champagne we toasted with (which was just awful, by the way!)… Everything was perfect. It was the day I’d dreamed of, filled with my family, friends and most importantly… My best friend; my husband.

What a journey we’ve had together these past four years. Now as I sit here, feeling the beautiful baby we’ve created together kick, I can’t help but smile and feel that same anticipation that I did on my wedding day for what’s yet to come.