Anniversary, Barbershop, and V-Day

We’re broke right now, so our anniversary celebration consisted of bringing home some food from the grocery store, eating at home and watching Queer as Folk. It was great. We spent good quality time just the two of us, snuggling and being cozy together. I managed to get off work 3 hours early so that was a nice little treat, too!

Saturday night my chorus held a little mini “show”. It was free admission, we provided food and had a silent auction to raise money for the chorus. We performed a few times throughout the evening. The turnout was amazing, and we ended up raising almost $1500 for the chorus. I was blown away by how many people came, and how much money we were able to raise! The food was fantastic; my singing sisters sure do know how to throw a party!

After everyone had left, me and the three ladies that I’m forming a quartet with snuck off for some practice. We sang together for about a half an hour, and were all really excited with how we sound. The game plan for now is to learn and perfect a few Christmas songs and once International competition is over in October, audition with them to become an OFFICIAL quartet. I’M SO EXCITED. We sound so good together and it feels so awesome to be finally singing in a quartet! I’ve officially been singing with the girls for a year. I went to my first Sweet Adeline rehearsal in late September and became a member on November 4th, 2008. So not too much longer ’till my one year “official” anniversary!

Yesterday I hit 24 weeks. VIABILITY! Baby girl can now make it on the outside if she has to…. Which, of course, I’m not hoping for but it’s nice to have that little sigh of relief that if something terrible were to happen she’d as least have a chance at making it. I started feeling all sorts of movement last week. From Weds-Fri, she was kicking me regularly; every day around lunchtime and then every night around 6-7. Pretty good, strong kicks, too. Saturday and Sunday, however, were more quiet. I DID feel her, but just not as regularly, as often or as strong. I’m a little worried and am hoping that it’s normal at 24 weeks to still feel irregular movement and variations in strength. I’m sure it all has to do with how she’s laying, which part of the body she’s using to nudge me with, etcetera. I have another appointment on Wednesday so I’ll be able to see her again. I know I’m just being a worrywart. I kept poking and prodding at her yesterday to provoke her to move and DH kept swatting my hand away going, “Let her sleep!” He’s so cute.

She poked me this morning with a foot, or something so that makes me feel a little better. Like I said, I still feel her but it’s not as reassuringly often or as hard as it was last week.

Ah, motherhood. The first of many, many years to come of worry.


  1. I'm sure the baby is just fine! When I was pregnant with my daughter, she only kicked Monday thru Friday – meaning I rarely felt anything from her on weekends. It was just so bizarre. I used to be a paranoid wreck on weekends, as I'm sure you can imagine.Yay for joining a quartet. It sounds like you really enjoy it!

  2. Yay for viability!!!! Congrats Natalie!!!! Irregular movement is still pretty common.. Nellie is still a lil bitty thing. Don't worry. In a few weeks you'll be trying to sleep and she'll be poking at you to wake up and play with her.. total role reversal!

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