My Baby Loves Barbershop

Last night at chorus rehearsal, Nellie was being very quiet. We have a little event coming up this weekend and were running through our repertoire. The first song we started singing was “Blue Skies”, and once we got going I felt her kicking and wiggling around. I loved it! She kept kicking during the entire rehearsal and only calmed down once we had stopped singing. I have a barbershop baby!

DH and I were lying in bed last night, and I was on my side. He had his hand on my belly when all of a sudden I felt a nice little kick. He gasped out loud, and I said, “Did you feel her??” and he said yes. It was really awesome! Later after he had gone to sleep, I was laying on my side with my arm draped over my belly like I usually do when I felt a big POP on my arm. I also felt it from the inside, and I knew that it was my little girl kicking me. I gasped out loud and DH stirred a little bit but didn’t wake up. I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face.

For your enjoyment, here’s the cutest video ever created:


  1. LOVE those baby kicks!

  2. Well of course little Nellie loves hearing you sing. I'm sure its the closest thing a person could get to actually experiencing someone's heart and soul as they sang a song. :)I'm also sure those songs will one day come in handy when she's up at night, fussy, and you start singing something familiar to her and she just quiets right down. She'll be like, "oh yeah, I remember that." :)Good luck and enjoy your show Saturday. I'm sure it'll be great!

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