Excitement to the Point of Explosion

I just got an e-mail from my dad.

I had e-mailed him Friday to ask if he and my stepmom would be willing to make our Christmas present this year a 3d ultrasound session. It’s $149, and you get a 25-30 minute session, 4 photo print outs, a DVD of the ultrasound, and a CD with 15-30 pictures. We figured it would be a great way to get one last look at the little lady before her big debut, and something we could cherish and keep forever. Also, Christmas presents for the grandparents!

Well, he originally said that they wanted to contribute something we’d need for Nellie, and we said hey, no problem. Just thought we’d ask! No harm in asking, right? DH and I were already making plans to budget so we could get the cheaper $99 session. Well, I open my inbox this morning and there’s a message from my dad….


I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED. I have already booked our appointment for December 5th. The woman on the phone was so friendly and excited, and said that if the pictures didn’t turn out well we could come back about a week later for another look for free! I am literally walking on air right now, and DH is too. He wanted to do it this weekend! I told him I wanted to wait until she got some more baby fat on her, to which he sighed and said “okay”.

Then I was talking to my stepmom via e-mail, thanking her for doing this for us and we got to talking back and forth about the baby and how exciting a time this is… And I just got huge butterflies in my stomach and am so psyched. I just got this burst of happiness, anticipation and excitement that filled my entire body. I can’t stop smiling. It’s like something new happens every day that says, this is all really happening. It’s all coming true. It’s just so crazy; I have wanted this for so long, dreamt about it and now it’s really here. My little girl is going to be here in 3 months! This time three months from now, my daughter could actually already be here if she decides to come early. Eek!!!!!
Life is good. I am blessed! Blessed beyond belief.