Warm Fuzzy Feeling – Not Coffee Induced

I decided to treat myself this morning to some Starbucks. A bunch of my friends have been going on and on about Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes…. So I had to have one. I went, and had the best barista (is it still a barista if it’s a man?) ever. He was cheerful and funny, and just made my day. When I pulled up to the window, he gave me my decaf pumpkin latte, and said he himself had been decaf for over ten years and that Starbucks had many tasty decaf drinks. I patted my belly and said, “Well, I don’t have a choice but to drink decaf, being pregnant.” and he nodded and said, “I’m glad to hear that. I always get worried when I see pregnant women coming in here ordering shots of this, and extra shots of that and so on.”

Now, I could have gotten very offended and ruffled. I can see how someone might get offended by this guy’s statement, but I happen to agree with him. I realize that a little bit of caffeine probably isn’t going to hurt your baby, but it certainly can’t be the healthiest thing in the world for that tiny heart, so why not abstain or cut down for 9 measly little months? So this man’s statement did not offend me, I just nodded in agreement and thanked him for my coffee. Before I pulled away, he smiled and said, “You’re already a great mommy. You have a wonderful day.”
And I felt like a freaking superhero. I had the biggest smile on my face all the way to work, and still do. I feel like I’ve done very well by this little girl so far. I have tried my best to eat healthy foods (I fail, I admit, but I DO try), I don’t smoke or drink, and I have almost eliminated my caffeine intake entirely. By “almost” I mean sometimes I do have a sip or two of Coke or sweet tea when my taste buds are interested in it. But I’ve never had a full glass/serving of anything caffeinated since seeing that positive pregnancy test. I drink water all day long, and take my prenatals. It was really nice to be acknowledged for doing something as small as ordering a decaf coffee.
My hair is a mess right now, and I blame it on the fact that I can’t afford the shampoo and conditioner I normally get, which is this:

Because they’re $8 a bottle. I know, it’s outrageous but it’s really good shampoo and conditioner. So I’ve been using the Pantene shampoo I bought during a temporary moment of insanity (I HATE Pantene, and don’t know why I bought this crap. I think it’s because it smelled good) and some leftover Kiss My Face conditioner that I had. Hopefully I’ll be able to justify a $16 hair purchase in the near future because my locks look like crap.

One of the ladies at chorus came up to me last night and proclaimed, “You weren’t pregnant two weeks ago! I swear! Look at you, you look SO PREGNANT now!”

…….. And I still have 3 months to go.