If That’s Movin’ Up, Then I’m Movin’ Out!

I got a great phone call yesterday.


We will be moving November 27th into a 2 bedroom apartment. I am so psyched! It’s a nice place and not far from where we live right now. I’m just so happy that Nellie is going to have her own nursery; her own little space. DH is already talking excitedly about custom decorative things he wants to make for her, it’s so adorable. The new place is larger than the 1 BR unit we are living in now, has 2 FULL BATHS, ample closet space and best of all, that 2nd bedroom. And we are only paying $10 more a month for it than we are for our current 1 BR place. Crazy! As much as I love our current apartment (we’ve been there for almost 4 1/2 years), we just can’t afford a 2 BR in that complex so we had to move on. I am just so excited. I need to get to packing!

Last night after chorus, the girls I’m starting a quartet with and I stood outside and sang a few songs together. I always get so giddy when I get to sing with my quartet. Singing with a chorus is great, but singing in a quartet is so much more exciting. After we sang “Chattanooga Choo Choo”, Nellie started kicking like crazy. I don’t know if she was approving, or dancing or what but it was really awesome. It made us all laugh. I love that she’s already with me when I do something that I enjoy so much; my excitement and enjoyment has got to filter down to her.
Halfway through the week! Just a little bit closer to that 3rd trimester. WOO HOO!!!!!! Here’s a belly pic I took last night. I feel huge already, though I know that I haven’t seen ANYTHING yet.

Have a happy Wednesday!