My First Mommy Blogger Contest

Hi all!

I stumbled upon a Mommy-to-Be blogger contest on It’s a blog award just for bloggers who are pregnant at the moment and after a few moments hesitation, I submitted myself for nomination.

The system works by you submitting the blog you want to be nominated/vote for via a comment. I’m asking for your votes. I would be really thrilled to win this award as I’m a fairly new mommy blogger, and this would mean a lot to me. The winner gets a $50 giftcard to Baby GAP which would CERTAINLY help with getting Ms. Nellie some wardrobe items!

If you would, please please PLEASE, visit this link:
Pregnancy Corner Blog Nominations

And leave a comment with a vote for me, please with the following information:

  • My name (Natalie)
  • The name of my blog (Hope Springs Eternal)
  • The category the blog is in (mom2be)
  • The URL of this blog (

Thank you SO MUCH for even considering voting for my blog. If I win, maybe I’ll do some sort of fun giveaway….. Hmm. Now there’s a thought. :)