Mommy’s Organs = Wonderland of Fun

At least…. This is what my baby girl thinks. I was sitting here at my desk minding my own business, listening to the song my quartet is learning on repeat so I can learn my part when all of a sudden, right under my rib cage I felt a little flutter.
Uh oh, I thought. Any second now, I’m going to feel a little foot-
And before I could finish my thought, I felt this very strange, uncomfortable and PAINFUL grinding sensation AGAINST MY RIBCAGE. This isn’t something I’m unfamiliar with, but I’m not sure I will ever get used to it. My child was obviously not happy with the fact that I wasn’t sitting with perfect posture and was slightly hunched, so she felt compelled to remind me to sit up straight by digging some extremity of hers into my ribs. She’s so thoughtful already. 😉

I am guessing that yesterday she was either bored or feeling competitive against her future siblings because while I was- again- sitting here minding my own business I’m relatively certain she took a running (swimming) start, reared back and kicked me directly in my left ovary.
One second I’m sitting at my desk, clicking at an Excel spreadsheet and the next I’m yowling in pain and my coworker is looking at me, alarmed.
“What’s wrong with you?!” he demanded.
“She kicked me in my damned ovary!” I exclaimed. He simply stared at me, as he (obviously) has no idea what being kicked IN THE OVARY feels like. I never thought I, myself, would know what being kicked IN THE OVARY would feel like but now I do.

Maybe she WAS bored, or she was deciding that she wants to be an only child and was trying to pop my ovary like a balloon. I guess I’ll never know.

On Tuesday she was quiet all day. Like, really quiet. I only felt her a few times the entire day and when I got home from chorus, I immediately lay down on the floor, on my side to get her moving. Laying on my side almost ALWAYS gets her kicking and sure enough, she started rockin’ after that. I think that maybe she was either making her lack of movement up to me yesterday, or getting me back for waking her up in the first place. Again, something that is her secret to keep I guess. She was rolling and bumping like crazy last night while we were lying on the couch watching the TV show Queer as Folk. Maybe she liked the techno music in the opening titles, or just gets really excited about TV shows about the gay community. I don’t know. Ah, the mysteries that are babies in utero..

The reality of the fact that my child will be here in about two months hits me in small doses. I was writing my brother an e-mail about when he wants to come visit us after she’s here, warning him that while he’s welcome to stay with us his stay won’t be restful as the only available sleeping arrangement we have is the couch when it just hit me like a truck: These aren’t just words I’m saying, this is all actually going to happen. I’m not just talking about being up all night rocking a newborn and feeding her, I am actually going to be doing that. It’s not unpleasant, or disturbing… It just makes me reel for a second, think wow. and then I go about my day.

That’s it for now, folks. Hope everyone has a marvelous Thursday.. I know that I will, because tonight is SUPERNATURAL NIGHT. I love my Supernatural!

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