Being Showered with Babies

That’s what a baby shower is, right?


Har har. I kid. I know what a baby shower is. And I’m excited to say that my first one is THIS SUNDAY! I can’t freaking wait. I know things are going to get that much more real for me at the shower. I’m also looking forward to eating delicious food and hopefully, cake.

Speaking of baby showers, I’m a terrible person. I have been sneaking peeks at our baby registry for weeks now seeing if anyone has bought anything from it and I am vowing not to do it anymore. Seriously. I promise. Yesterday I looked at it and saw the usual three items that have been purchased for about two weeks; a set of baby caps, booties and a onesie… Plus one more item.

Now, it’s not an extravagent or fancy diaper bag, it has no bling and no bells or whistles but it’s cute as hell and I’M SUPER PSYCHED THAT SOMEONE BOUGHT IT. I think this officially makes me a mom; the days of longing for a Coach purse are over and the days of celebrating over a diaper bag have come.

We also have our ridiculously belated Halloween party tomorrow night. I know, I know. If you don’t know me, or my family you’re wondering why in the hell we are having a Halloween party two weeks after the fact. Any explanation you may need is at this post.
We are also moving closer to Moving Day; which is actually two weeks from today. I cannot wait to get into our new space and get started on Nellie’s nursery. I feel like a runner who is eager to begin a race but hasn’t heard the gun go off yet. I’m ready and raring to go, but we can’t get started on anything for her until we get into our new home. So I’m just standing at the starting line, wiggling my butt like a cat getting ready to pounce on something unsuspecting. Revving my wheels. Chomping at the bit. ….Is that enough puns for you yet?
I’m always in a good mood on Fridays for obvious reasons. It’s also a great day because I get paid today, and having money in the bank makes me shake my tooshie in celebration. And I have a sizable tooshie, ladies and gentlemen.
I’m also practicing with my quartet at some point in the next few days, we have to get ready to audition for our chorus on Tuesday. SO EXCITING. I’ll be sure to announce our name and everything once we pass our audition… You know, for anyone who might care a little bit about my quartet, hehe. For those of you who may be new to my blog and don’t know about the “musical side” of me, check out this post to get up to speed.
Okay friends, it’s time for me to get to work and feign productivity until 5:00.
I kid, I kid. I’m going to do some actual work.

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  1. Enjoy your upcoming baby shower – and I'm a registry peeker as well, so don't feel guilty about it. :)I had that same exact diaper bag – but I returned it. I actually received a different one as a gift that I liked a lot better (I think it was from Pottery Barn? I'm not sure), so the Carter's bag went back to BRU. It is a cute bag, though. Glad someone bought it for you. I can't wait to hear about your shower & hopefully see pics. So exciting!

  2. KarmaPearl says:

    Melissa – what didn't you like about the Carter's bag?

  3. Aw. It is so cute and girly. My uncle just sent me my diaper bag- I had registered for it as sort of wishful thinking so it made me super happy. I sort of already want to pack it up and carry it around with me. Wow. I'm lame. I hope you have lots of fun at your shower this weekend! I am looking forward to all of the fun baby stuff that is going to be coming up. And we are excited to see you all on Saturday! Ryan and I have really lazy costumes this year.. but we decided that we could probably get a free pass considering how ridiculous life has been the last couple of weeks.

  4. Have fun at your baby shower! :) Speaking of supernatural, we came up with the name Jensen from Jensen Ackles (Dean) from supernatural lol. I was a big fan of him in highschool and saw just about every movie with him in it so when I brought the name up to Rob he really liked it lol.

  5. Kimmygintx says:

    Another registry peeker here! LOL and my shower is on Sunday too! 😀 Great minds think alike. ;)Can't wait to see pics of your shower!

  6. Joanna Botelho says:

    Have a great time at your shower. I couldn't help peeking at my registry either, it was funny to see how many gifts were bought last minute. Hope you have lot's of CAKE!

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