Weekly Belly Pic – 30 Weeks

Please excuse my dirty mirror.

And a new feature: A survey to go with the belly pic!

How far along? 30 Weeks, 1 day (30 weeks even in the pic.)
Total weight gain/loss 22 pounds as of the last appointment.
Maternity clothes? Yes, and they are so comfy I think I will wear them forever and ever.
Stretch marks? Miraculously… NO!
Sleep Consecutive hours of sleep? What’s that? The average potty break count is 3, sometimes it’s as high as 6. I also flip sides at least 4 times a night b/c my hips hurt.
Best moment this week Every moment I feel her kick is awesome.
Movement Oh, yes. She is an active little lady when she wakes up.
Food cravings Had a pretty bad hamburger craving last night which I was able to indulge in!
Gender Girl!
Labor Signs None.
Belly Button in or out? Still an innie.
What I miss 8 hours solid sleep.
What I am looking forward to My first baby shower! It’s this Sunday. I can’t WAIT!
Weekly Wisdom My mother in law informed me that the closer labor gets, the less baby will move and not to worry.
Milestones Hit the 3rd trimester @ 27/28 weeks (depending on who you ask, hehe.)

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  1. Kimmygintx says:

    Cute pic! I could have almost written this myself.. LOL except my Jessie is active when *she wants* to be (lol).Enjoy your shower- mine's this Sunday too! Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Lookin Good! Nice baby belly!I can barely believe that you're in the 3t now! Have an awesome baby shower this weekend… that will be so fun!

  3. You are so stinkin' cute, Natalie! Love the belly pic – you're absolutey glowing.And can I say that I'm jealous of your innie belly button? I have had an outie all my life, but it *really* sticks out around the 20-week mark and it only gets more prominent and unsightly as the pregnancy progresses. Yuck!!

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