2009 In Review

I snagged this from Benjamin’s Daddy’s Blog. He wrote this post as his own, and I liked it so much I asked him if I could snag it and re-post on my very own blog. Being the awesome, sharing blogger he is he said “go for it!” So, here it goes.

Moments to Remember

1) Had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. At once. Fun times.
2) Turned 25 years old!
3) Was in a wedding.

1) Started taking “Origin” vitamins in hope it would help us conceive. They did not, and turned my pee a strange shade of yellow.
2) Someone close to me had the first of about 5 different pregnancy dreams about me.
3) 5 year dating anniversary of me and Josh.

1) Participated in my first Regional Competition with my chorus. We came in 2nd place small chorus division, and 3rd place overall.
2) 2nd person had a pregnancy dream about me.
3) Sold an article for $5.00 on Helium.com.

1) Got AF, making 9 unsuccessful TTC cycles. Had a minor emotional breakdown. Stopped actively TTC.
2) Signed up to sell mark. Never did get actively into it.
3) Got a BlackBerry.

1) Chopped my hair off.
2) Discovered that I was FINALLY PREGNANT.
3) Discovered True Blood.

1) Saw Nellie (or, as she was known then, Gummi) for the first time on an ultrasound.
2) Had morning sickness the ENTIRE MONTH.
3) Barbershop Bootcamp in Birmingham with my chorus.

1) Entered the 2nd trimester.
2) Entered “Pregnant Limbo“.
3) 4th of July, spent it at the downtown fireworks eating italian ice w/ my friend Deborah.

1) Started wearing maternity pants at 18 weeks.
2) Started taking regular belly pictures. Thought my baby bump was huge.
3) Had to upgrade to a bigger bra.

1) Found out that the baby was a GIRL!
2) Felt Nellie move for the first time.
3) 4th wedding anniversary!

1) Started registering for Nellie at Babies R Us.
2) Had to give my kitty away to a new home.
3) Third trimester!

1) Entered my first blog contest.
2) Moved into our new apartment!
3) Thanksgiving!

1) Had our 3d ultrasound.
2) Won the blog contest!
3) Christmas!

That’s 2009 in brief review. Obviously, more than that happened but those are just some highlights.

Favorites of 2009

Favorite moment of 2009: May 9th, 2009. Seeing the positive pregnancy test at 12:00 in the morning.
Favorite song: Paper Planes by M.I.A
Favorite CD: I didn’t really get into any new CDs this year, actually.
Favorite movie – Drama: Taken
Favorite movie – Comedy: Zombieland
Favorite move – Action: Inglorious Basterds (I don’t know if this counts as action, but I’m counting it as action.)
Favorite TV Episode: This is tough, and hard to pinpoint. I’d have to say any of the Big Bang Theory episodes.
Favorite new show: Modern Family
Favorite lunch while at work: 2 Squares chili
Favorite home cooked meal: Josh’s potato soup
Favorite homemade Dessert:
Umm.. Christmas cookies? :)
Favorite gadget:
BlackBerry Pearl… RIP little BlackBerry :(
Favorite App: I didn’t get many apps.
Favorite Website: Facebook
Favorite Radio Station: Our radio stations here suck.
Favorite Ice Cream: Cold Stone Creamery sweet cream with Reese’s mashed up in it.
Favorite Pizza: Vinny and Joe’s
Favorite LOL Moment: WAY too many to count. WAY TOO MANY.


  1. I'm going to steal this, too.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out. I forgot about Taken. That movie was awesome. Big Bang Theory is great too. Bazinga!Have a Happy New Year.

  3. Ok, maybe not, I don't think my life was that interested this year…

  4. Hey! I like this idea! You should make this a tag post sort of thing.StephanieAnnC from twitter.

  5. Yay! I copied you too!

  6. Me too! LOL I was just on here getting ready to post my 2009 year-in-review, too! 😉 What an exciting year it was!

  7. Rachael-TooTutuCuteM says:

    Congratulations on getting ready to give birth to your little miracle! Good things come to those who wait! Good Luck on the deliver and what a way to start the New Year, with a new baby!

  8. Christine says:

    Great year-in-review post!! Wow…so much has transpired and the best of it all…sweet Nellie is on her way!Best wishes to you and yours in the new year!

  9. Teresha@Marlie and M says:

    I enjoyed reading your year-end review. Loved the favorites list…wish I had thought of that!

  10. Happy New Year 😀

  11. greedygrace says:

    I love this. I was wanting to do this, but I had too many "year end" posts, and I just couldn't bring myself to add one more. Next year! Congrats on your baby! I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  12. Christie-The Chatter says:

    My goodness! And I thought I was busy last year! WOW! Some really great moments! Thanks for stopping by my blog (via SITS) good to meet you and thanks for giving more Christmas movies to consider next year!

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