Review & Giveaway!

Hello, hello, hello readers! I am excited and pleased to announce my very first review and giveaway here on Hope Springs Eternal. I won’t be reviewing a specific product; rather, I am reviewing the website as a whole. is, as you see when you open the website, all about “Improving the Patient Experience”. They are all about feeling more comfortable with your hospital stay – improving your healing time by feeling better and more comfortable during your time there. They offer a wide range of products, from cute and stylish hospital gowns to an array of items for an expectant mommy. Not only are their products practical and very cute, but many of them are also anti-microbial to help your peace of mind as well especially since we are smack in the middle of flu season.
My first impression upon entering the website is how appealing it was on the eye. The layout is very eye-catching, and the colors blend well together and are nice to look at. One of the first things I look for in a website that I’m thinking of shopping is how easy it is to navigate. happens to be completely easy to navigate with easy-to-find shopping features. The categories are clearly marked, and feature drop-down menus for the sub-categories. Another thing I like to see when browsing a website is an FAQ section – which is clearly visible on – and contact information in case I have questions (also very easy to find).
Being not only a first-time mom, but someone who hasn’t had a lot of experience staying in a hospital, this website was particularly helpful. It answered a lot of, “what should I bring?” questions. You can find so many little things that will bring comfort during an extended hospital stay on; ones that you may never have thought to bring yourself. They also offer beautiful gift baskets which would bring a smile to anyone’s face.. Who doesn’t like getting gift baskets, after all?
The product I am giving away from today are their Anti-Microbial Chenille slipper socks.

They are soft and comfortable and come with little rubber grips on the bottoms so you won’t need to worry about slipping on those slick
hospital floors. offers them in two colors; dark blue, and pink. I am giving you a choice on which color you’d rather win! These slipper socks would be perfect for anyone who is expecting a hospital stay, or for someone who winds up unexpectedly in hospital care and finds themsel
ves with cold feet. As an expectant mother, I’ve been told that feet can get rather cold during labor. These socks would be a perfect item to slip in a mommy-to-be’s hospital gift basket!
Here’s how you can win a pair of these fantastic slipper socks:
-Visit and leave a comment on this entry on which product you think is best,
and why. Be sure to include which color slipper sock you would prefer; blue or pink.
-Become a follower of my blog, and leave a comment saying you are a follower. Be sure to include which color slipper sock you would prefer; blue or pink.
Follow me on Twitter, and Tweet about this giveaway. (“Enter to win a free pair of slipper socks from!“)
Comment saying that you are following me, and link to where you Tweeted (you can do this by finding your Tweet and clicking on the timestamp underneath it. Then copy and paste the web link from your browser onto your comment) Be sure to include which color slipper sock you would prefer; blue or pink.
This giveaway will be open until approximately
11:00 A.M EST December 28th, 2009. Good luck!

The Monday Before Christmas

I can’t think of a more clever title, because I’m really tired this morning. We had a very good weekend, which included a gig singing with my quartet on Saturday and my company’s Christmas party that evening. We went to a murder mystery dinner theatre, and I had an absolute blast. Sunday my brother-in-law took us out to Outback for lunch, and then took us shopping for our Christmas gift..

Which just happened to be a dining room table, and chairs that went with it. Yeah. Pretty much one of the best Christmas gifts ever. We haven’t had a dining room table at all since we’ve been married so it’s pretty sweet. It’s a really nice table, too. The set comes from Better Homes & Gardens from Wal-Mart. Instead of just four chairs, it had the option of getting two chairs and a bench which is what we did. I’ll have to take some pictures of it and post them later.. It really ties our apartment together nicely.

We made Christmas cookies last night. And by “we”, I mean “Josh”. We got a sugar cookie mix, decorated them with green icing and sprinkled red sugar sprinkles on it. Voila, festive Christmas cookies for our enjoyment. I’m very much looking forward to this week. We’re doing Christmas at my in-laws tonight, tomorrow my office is having a party and I’m leaving early for a doctor’s appointment and I’m off work on Friday. I’m feeling so tired lately that I could sleep all day. After going to the mall, Target, and Wal-Mart yesterday I was seriously about ready to pass out and ended up taking a one hour nap. I never knew pregnancy could wipe one out as much as it has in the past two weeks or so. I am tired ALL THE TIME.

Anyway I never did get around to taking a belly picture, so my weekly baby update may be a day late or so. Also, keep your eyeballs peeled as I’ll be doing my very first review and giveaway at some point this week – I might even post it today. I haven’t forgotten the Ask Me Anything post; I’m trying to accumulate some more questions before answering the ones I have. I hope everyone has a great Monday, and don’t be surprised if you hear from me more than once today.