Ask Me Anything – Answers

Here are the answers to your Ask Me Anything Questions!

1. Julia asked: “What ‘tradition’ of your own are you planning on creating or recreating from your childhood with you new little girl?”
It’s hard to say. A lot of ‘traditions’ from when I was a child are centered around music, so it depends on if she is musical or whether or not she particularly likes music. I am definitely going to want her to develop a love of reading, so perhaps reading to her/telling her stories will become a tradition!

2. New Mom asked: “How many kids do you want and when do you plan on trying for #2?”
I would like a maximum of five children, and no less than two. It really depends on how we stand financially. We will have children until we have a boy, for sure. As for trying for #2… I’d like to wait until Nellie is close to out of diapers. It took us almost a year to conceive her, but there’s no guarantee we won’t get pregnant right away with the second baby.

3. Nicole asked three questions:
“What was the first present you bought for the baby?”
I bought Nellie a bib that said, ‘I Love Daddy’ on it. The first real gift we bought her was a stuffed animal; a fox that lives in her crib for the time being.
“What is your favorite Christmas song?”
Happy XMas (War is Over) by John Lennon, and Star of Wonder by the Roches.
“What is the strangest thing you have eaten or craved to eat during your pregnancy?”
Hmm. I haven’t had really strange cravings, more like really random and out of nowhere. One day, I wanted green bean casserole REALLY BADLY. Another day, it was pumpkin pie. Just totally random and out of the blue.

4. Pregtacular asked: “What is the first thing you’re going to do once you’re all free and clear of your pregnancy (and possible breastfeeding)? A meal of raw oysters, soft cheese and a few bottles of champagne? A roller coaster ride or two?”
A beer with my dinner. I like beer, and I like to try different kinds of beer. I am looking most forward to being able to occasionally have a beer, and also sushi. I miss sushi. And bleu cheese dressing, which is my favorite. I love roller coasters as well, but it will be a while before I can ride one again – the nearest Six Flags is two hours away!

5. Toni asked a few questions:
“Have you picked your pediatrician yet?”
We have one in mind, I just have to stop procrastinating and call the office.
“Have you picked your childcare yet?”
Sort of. We have an idea of our plan.. I’m still sort of in denial about having to go back to work.
“Have you pre-registered for labor and delivery?”
I have the paperwork, it just needs to be filled out!
“Have you packed yours and Nellie’s bags?”
Nellie’s bag has a few items in it, and Josh and I were just discussing this morning about getting mine together. I have a checklist that I keep forgetting to bring home!

Thanks for taking the time to think of questions to ask me! I had fun answering them!